Detailed instructions on how to draw a unicorn.

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Detailed instructions on how to draw a unicorn.

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In the last blog, I already introduced you to some interesting unicorn designs. And today I have even more fun with unicorns. I especially appreciate the illustration that gives us the opportunity to imagine amazing things as if they were genuine. If you need to feel the thrill of creation, in this educational exercise I will show you how to draw a unicorn. These animals were not just "horned ponies", they were portrayed as goats, with swollen hooves and a donkey for a tail. Their horns were said to have magical powers, but because the creatures were so shy, it took the help of a delicate young girl to catch one.

Dessin licorne noir et blanc

Today, unicorns are no longer considered real, however, you can bring one to life with crafts. You don't need to know how to draw horses or horns, I'll walk you through it! As this tutorial is complicated, you can see more for easy unicorn drawing instructions.


1 Represents the pose of a unicorn

Stage 1

Start with an oval for the chest. It should not be a flawless oval and feel free to fix it as many times as basic.

dessin licorne ovale

Step 2

Include the back. Its size and separation from the chest characterize the condition of the body.

dessin licorne

Step 3

Include the neck and head.

licorne dessin

Step 4

You can choose the position you want for your unicorn.

dessin licorne squelette

Step 5

Finally, include a tail:

comment dessin licorne

2 Draw the body of a unicorn

Stage 1

Currently, we will include the trademark shapes of a pony body. Draw the head and the jaw ...

crinière de licorne

2nd step

... insert two lines and ears above the head.

Step 3

This will be the eye:

Step 4

Include some points of interest for the head and start assembling the helmets. Change the heading of the lines to the tips of the legs.

Step 5

Complete the clogs:

sabot de licorne dessin

Step 6

Include the back areas of the wrists and feet - these really aren't knees!

Step 7

Add some points of interest to the soles of the feet areas. The bones really show through here and look like a draft horse.

Step 8

Include the thigh and upper arm.

Step 9

Interface the leg parts with delicate lines.

Step 10

Before drawing the neck, it is good to include some rules: the back of the shoulder and the width of the neck.

Step 11

Now you can complete the body design.

Draw the unicorn horn

Stage 1

A unicorn's horn may look tangled, but there is a basic equation for it. Start by characterizing its length and title with a line.

2nd step

Cross it from angle to angle, tilting them more as you get closer to the end.

Step 3

Include a duplicate of each row below, keeping a small gap from the other row.

Step 4

Interface each line with its duplicate by a circular segment.

Step 5

Draw concave arcs between the two.

Complete the drawing

Stage 1

What could a unicorn be without its spectacular mane? Include some luscious hair all over. Usually, unicorns have been pictured with bushy tails, but feel free to wear a typical ponytail in case you need it.

Step 2

Your artwork looks exceptionally messy at this point, with many lines crossing and overlapping each other. In any case, this is typical! To turn it into a cleaner image, you can utilize any of these tips:

  • Make another layer, in case you're drawing carefully.
  • Scan your artwork, remove its delicacy/fog with a program, then print it with the portrait barely visible.
  • Draw the most important lines with a pen or marker. Place another sheet of paper over the portrait; the dark lines should show through.

    Step 3: Continue drawing on the new layer, the new printed image or the new sheet of paper.

    Continue drawing on the new layer, the new printed image or the new sheet of paper. This time, be more careful with the lines because they are the last ones.

    Wonderful drawing !

    Unicorns may not be real, but you just made one! This tutorial will bring some magic to paper as you learn how to draw a unicorn. He will walk you through the steps to complete a detailed unicorn drawing designed for anyone who wants to make a cute unicorn from scratch.


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