Drawing of Unicorn for children: Simple step by step drawing for small children

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Drawing of Unicorn for children: Simple step by step drawing for small children

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Unicorns have shown their appeal all over the world, to everyone from children to adults. They are so loved for their adorable and friendly appearance. Drawing a unicorn and putting your own design on the wall can be a fun activity that any unicorn lover would enjoy. You can easily show off your personal style to any guest with your own unicorn drawing. Anyone would be pleasantly surprised by a beautiful hand drawn unicorn welcoming them at the door. It's also a great family activity you can do with your children to strengthen your bond. However, drawing a unicorn can be a difficult task for young children, who are not yet very good with their hands. Don't worry, an easy unicorn drawing like the one shown here will work just fine. Just a few basic steps and kids can make their own little unicorns that they love. let's get started!

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 1. Step 1 of the unicorn drawing: Drawing the basic shape

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Start with the only main features of the unicorn: the head and body. Use a soft black pencil for the sketch to easily erase and add details later. A perfect circle is for the unicorn's head and another oval right next to it is the unicorn's body. Note to draw its body lower than the head and to hide part of it behind the head as well. The size of the head is also slightly larger than the body. All the fine details will develop from these basic shapes.

2. Drawing a unicorn step 2: Drawing the horn and the ear of a unicorn

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From there, you will start with the actual structure with all the details you see on the unicorn. Here you can use colored pencils to draw the curve of the unicorn's jaw, add its horn and its little ear. The size of these elements should be proportional to the size of the head. Or you can make it too small, or too big for a comic effect.

3. Step 3 of the Unicorn drawing: Mane, eye, mouth and nostrils.

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Proceed with more details on the head. Start with the beautiful mane. Just draw a natural curve on the top right side of the head. Keep the wavy curve as natural as possible, as if you were drawing long, curvy hair. This may not be easy for children. You can tell them to let their hand go, not to exert too much force on the paper. That way they can get a nice drawing of the unicorn mane. Then add the stripes for the mane and horn to make your unicorn look more realistic.

Continue with the big eyes, small nostrils and mouth. While the nostrils and mouth can easily be done with simple curves and dots, the eyes may need more care for a shiny effect. To create a big shiny eye for our pretty unicorn, create small white bubbles inside the eye and fill in only the outer color. Finally, add a small eyelash above the eye to create a dreamy look. Just 3 steps and we are done with the unicorn head design.

4. Step 4 of the Unicorn drawing: Drawing the front legs of the Unicorn

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Draw two rectangular legs of the unicorn under the drawing of its body. Connect them with a smooth curve. Pay more attention to the waist and the space between the two legs so that the lower body doesn't look weird. The size of the leg should match the size of the body you drew in step 1. Try to make all the corners of the legs less sharp by rounding them. Our adorable unicorn doesn't really need sharp hooves, does it?

5. Step 5 of the unicorn drawing: Draw the hind leg and tail of the unicorn.

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Here's the last step to finish our beautiful unicorn! Draw another leg the same size as the others at the end of its body. Then connect it to the head and the two front legs by redrawing the body line as we did in step 1. Finally, make two deep curves to create a beautiful tail for the unicorn. Draw more details for the tail because you want to make it more vivid. Now, for a clean drawing, erase the basic sketch from step 1. Your child now has a beautiful unicorn to decorate his room.

6. Drawing a Unicorn Step 6: Paint your Unicorn

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The most fun step that your children will really enjoy. Let them paint the unicorn with their colorful imagination. They may not be the most skilled painters, but you will be amazed at their creativity when they play with colors. They will surely be so eager to show their friends and family the cute unicorn they make themselves. And guess what, they might treasure it more than any unicorn plush toy you give them.

How about this fun unicorn drawing guide? Get more unicorn drawing lessons here: https://uni-cornio.com/blogs/dibujos-unicornios Also, visit https://uni-cornio.com/ for unicorn fun facts, unicorn gift ideas and lots of unicorn stories every unicorn lover should know!

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