How to draw a unicorn?

How to draw a unicorn?

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✔️Want to color or draw a unicorn 🦄 ? Maybe you tried several times without getting the desired result? Don't know how to achieve your goals? Well, know that you are not alone. In fact, many people have gone through your situation and are now true coloring experts.How can you do it? They have simply practiced with coloring books, coloring sites or drawing games.

✔️In fact, making beautiful drawings on your own is not magic. It's true that it doesn't happen overnight, but with a little exercise you'll be able to achieve wonders. For example, you'll be able to reproduce your patrol heroes, snow queen, pirates of the Caribbean, Polly Poquet, etc.

✔️As for unicorns, you will certainly enjoy discovering how to draw this fantastic animal easily. This mythical beast that has made us dream since the beginning of time. All earthlings succumbed to the crazy charm of a unicorn, this magical and elegant creature is very eye-catching!

✔️The unicorn is a myth with worldwide fame. It is a creature full of vigor, both wild and fierce. It is difficult to find a human capable of taming it. In the following lines, we will explain how to draw a unicorn step by step. You will discover the different types of unicorns you can draw, as well as the benefits of coloring.

➡️ Some drawings of our customers who have followed our article and practiced :

Dessin licorne client  Dessin licorne client Dessin licorne client Dessin licorne client

Drawing or coloring a unicorn: where to start? 💡

✔️ Have you always wanted to see a life-size unicorn? Now it's possible... on the drawing board! Before you start, you just need to have the drawing materials complete. Don't forget to stay focused during the steps.

✔️ In this drawing tutorial, we explain how to draw a unicorn easily and in just a few minutes. You don't need to have done art to put this beautiful unicorn on paper. All you need is a suitable drawing material (pencil, eraser, colored pencils, etc.). In this way, you will learn the basics of drawing. In particular, you will learn how to..:

1️⃣ Draw geometric shapes.

2️⃣ Simplify the view.

3️⃣ Draw the structure of a horse (more or less similar to a unicorn).

Note: with the basics you will have learned in this free coloring book, you will be able to adapt it to other types of drawings. For example, you will have no problem drawing Cinderella, Princess Barbie, Monster Machines, Girl Designs, Magical Creatures....

Licorne dessin 

Licorne dessin 

Licorne dessin 

Licorne dessin 

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Licorne dessin


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Licorne dessin

If you are still having difficulties you can watch this video:

Learn how to draw a unicorn through the horse's anatomy. ✏️

➡️ You may know all about the unicorn, its myths and legends, but you will still need to analyze the subject to draw it correctly. Whether it's a coloring book for kids or adults, learning the anatomy of the horse will be very helpful.

➡️ In addition, there are many options for coloring a unicorn. Some people love to add wings to them, others prefer them with a rainbow-colored mane.... You feel bad about choosing which unicorn you want (cute, psycho, etc.).

➡️ As for the creature's anatomy, you will notice a certain resemblance to the horse's physiognomy and that it should be included in your drawing to be more realistic. Also think about the anatomy of a dragon if you want to make an outdoor or flying unicorn.

➡️ Similarly, if you want to learn human anatomy, it is imperative that you master the basic structure of the horse and its proportions. Even if it's not really witchcraft. Its skeleton is really basic compared to the human body.

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 Easily draw a unicorn step by step 🤗

✔️ In order to be able to easily represent the unicorn drawing, we have prepared this step-by-step tutorial to make your drawing. All you have to do is apply it. Don't forget that getting it right the first time is not the goal. The goal here is to learn the basics of drawing a unicorn and apply them to a broader field.

To begin with.
The first thing to do when you want to draw or color a unicorn is to start with the basics of drawing. If you have the opportunity, print out the outlines or a sketch to serve as a guide to make your adorable creature.

1️⃣ If you don't have or don't want a line drawing, you can, for example, draw two small circles for the head and two larger ones for the body.

2️⃣ Link the circles and start drawing the horse's legs. However, they should remain in perspective. Draw what you see, let your pegasus go smoothly. The next step is to draw the ears and tail.

3️⃣ Now you've done most of the work. You'll need to draw the head parts like the eye, nose, horn and mane.

💡 Remember to use an eraser to erase the previous steps. 💡

➡️ Use your brush or colored pencil to make the finishing touches and details to make your unicorn look great! Start by drawing the mane and tail. Detail the horn. Draw a few strands of hair here and there to give your unicorn more credibility....

Squelette licorne 1 

Squelette licorne 2 

Squelette licorne 3 

Squelette licorne4 

Squelette licorne 5 

Squelette licorne 6 

Squelette licorne 7 

Squelette licorne 8 

Squelette licorne 9 

Squelette licorne 10 

Squelette licorne 11 

Squelette licorne 12 

Squelette licorne 13 

Squelette licorne 14

 Are you there? 🙂

✅ And that's how you get a beautiful unicorn that is truer than life! We hope you liked the technical aspect of the drawing. Because it gives you the possibility to easily realize elements among them with basic shapes. You can apply these same basics to depict Wonderland or Little Red Riding Hood, etc.

✅ This makes you forget about perspective drawing, because you only draw what you see. This way, you know how to draw any animal. It doesn't matter if it's Garfield the cat, a dragon, a girl doll or anything else. From now on, you can draw all the farm animals, how to draw a dog, and so on. Then you can turn to other genres like drawing manga or comics.

✅ What is a very good idea is to use your colored pencils and start coloring! Some people love this part. Draw fairy unicorns and share them with your old and new friends.

How to draw a classic unicorn? 🖍️

🦄 If you draw the unicorn without being told how to do it, you'll soon find yourself in trouble. Your drawing must be flawless to have this mythological unicorn animal! Start with the body shape. Then draw the eye 👀. Then draw the head and ears 👂. Draw a long, pointed shape for the horn, with lines wrapping around it. 🦄

➡️ Refine the body. Press certain lines to make the muscles stand out. Next, draw the left leg forward. Draw the right leg forward. Draw the left leg backward. Follow with the right leg backwards. Then add the mane on the head. Draw a bushy tail and decorate it with markers or even pencils. Add the details. Then make the outlines more visible. And remove the lines from the sketches. Are you done? Enhance your drawing and color your unicorn as you like.

⛔ But don't go overboard! Remember that this is a classic unicorn drawing and should remain simple and attractive.⛔

Draw a cartoon unicorn 🦄

✔️ Cartoon unicorns are easier to implement. Start by drawing two horizontal ovals and a circle. The longer oval and the circle should overlap at the top right of the other oval. This will make up the body.

✔️ Then draw the unicorn's four legs and hooves (you learned how to do this at the top). From the two overlapping circles, draw straight and curved lines. While drawing curved lines, connect the oval to the body and detail the head: eyes, nose, horn, mane, mouth, etc.

✔️ Make the details of the spiral horn on the forehead. Make rounded shapes on the head for the ears. Draw the tail with curved lines. Sharpen the lines of the paws, hooves and tail. Draw the lines with a pen and eliminate superfluous lines. Remember to color your unicorn and detail it to make the "imaginary creature" even more beautiful. Then finish with a beautiful coloring according to your taste.

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licorne coloriage 

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A psychopathic unicorn? Yes, it really exists 🤪

You read correctly, it's not a mistake 🤔. Psychopathic unicorns are real. In the next paragraph, we will talk about this type of unicorn. Once you have an idea of what she looks like, you can easily draw her. You can even create one that has gone berserk.

To make such a drawing, bring a sheet of paper, a coloring drawing if you have one, a pencil and all, not forgetting your eraser. 🖊️

A psychopathic unicorn: an enchanting fantasy animal

As in all animal breeds, there are psychopaths. Didn't you know about this? Crazy people are everywhere! You'll be able to draw that psycho unicorn very easily at home.

🦄 Know that there are unicorn colorings for kids that you can print. It's a special animal, you have to admit. It's basically a horse with a horn in the middle of its forehead. If you don't see it all, there are printable coloring books that are very successful.

New unicorns to draw for kids come out regularly. The ideal way to complete your daughter's or son's unicorn drawing collection. This is a notebook that is especially for them. However, "adults" also have the possibility to print their favorite unicorn and color it.

🦄 The unicorn is a legendary creature, often called a unicorn because it actually has only one horn. It is an animal from ancient tales. Its horn is twisted and it has wings. It is a cross between a horse and a goat.

Often the psychopathic unicorn is portrayed as strong and fierce. The unicorn and the bezoar is a play. The narwhal is also called the sea unicorn. It is used in mandrakes for magic potions. A constellation is named after the unicorn. Often hawks fly in stories of unicorns. You get carried away by magical coloring. Take your pencils with you and choose them well in advance. Use markers or pastels. It will be sublime.
Licorne psychopathe

Why is adult coloring a success? 👍

✔️ All this is no longer just for children. Stress relief and fun, coloring is now popular among adults who, through it, reveal all their creativity. Such success inevitably leads to exceptional economic benefits for coloring book manufacturers.

✔️ Drawing should be done by everyone. Prove to be a real anti-stress and develop your creative spirit. You can even develop a talent and complete your month ends with your masterpieces. Increasing your portfolio will only benefit you, don't hesitate and start today.

A great commercial success for children and adults who color 💖

The coloring trend has reached its peak. Specialty books are a hit "One trend has been the top seller in the "activity" section of bookstores for the past 6 years," argues a director of image and collections at a famous Parisian publisher.

In total, all titles combined, the Hachette publishing house has sold more than 1.5 million coloring books. Coloring books against stress, for example. It is estimated that bestsellers can be reprinted up to four times. Of course, coloring for adults is nothing like coloring for children.

A variety of inspirations

The first notebooks hit the market in 2012. Since then, the offer has multiplied with a multitude of themes. The images are now complex and rich in detail. The best illustrators are used for this. For example, many books have been inspired by nature, travel and even culture. There are still coloring books about Buddhism, for example. In these books you can find ancient drawings of unicorns that you can use to draw.

The inspirations are almost endless. Many themes are related to animals such as cats, unicorns, dragons, lions and even fantastic plants.

Coloring the stars as well as drawing a unicorn ✨

In England, some books are used for coloring in many personalities such as Kate Moss, Ryan Gosling or Carra Delavigne. Thousands of copies are sold. Some coloring books have even become luxury items, thus becoming precious, which can be kept and collected. So you can get one of these papers to draw your stars and associate them with drawings of unicorns. Nothing prevents you from going further and creating your own universe like that of the distant king, the life of a princess or that of superheroes.

Art at the reach of the pencil

Coloring is an extraordinary opportunity to express yourself freely. Anyone can color without having great artistic skills. In this way, people appreciate your drawing and elevate it to the level of a work of art. Your coloring is creative and so it states, on the web many contents, such as web pages, Facebook and Instagram groups are dedicated to coloring fans. You can find sketches or patterns that will help you draw a unicorn.

The interest of coloring for adults

Coloring allows you to relax during the day. It allows you to take a few minutes to get rid of the stress that sometimes gets us going. In fact, it allows you to refocus on a creative play activity. Which is related to childhood and allows you to release your emotions. Coloring is used to move from anxiety to a calmer state. There is no restriction even in an environment that allows us not to disperse. It is completely different from being in front of a blank page. Opt to draw a unicorn and thus relieve the stress of the day.

If you are not a fan of these mythical animals, you can also learn to draw other legendary creatures, play educational games or use the jungle book to fill it with color and stickers.

What is the difference between a coloring and a mandala?

The mandala allows professional therapists to work in a more specific way than with a patient, because the mandala embodies your mind. But colorations are also very relevant, because they allow you to anchor yourself and this represents something concrete in the real world. For example, when you think of a mountain, you associate it with silence. Globally, the circle makes one concentrate for a framed work. Coloring requires more creative resources and allows you to explore various universes.

What we express when we color or draw unicorns

Some people want to refocus on themselves to recharge their batteries. They will step aside to do their coloring. This allows them to dive into their strong inner self. It is not necessarily easy to decipher our emotions. Colors allow us to communicate to let anger or violence speak, for example. In reality, color is not insignificant. The pencil stroke you draw is by no means random. Because every stroke can be analyzed. Coloring is suitable for everyone, because everyone has the right to be happy and to admit it. It allows you to refocus on your inner world full of poetry and divine beauty.

Colors used to draw a unicorn

Colors are used spontaneously. People use color codes they like and will naturally prefer some of them. Each color has an impact. If you use strong red, it may indicate a need for energy or anger. Each person will have a color closest to their temperament. Chromotherapy then takes on its full meaning. However, it is important to know that this analysis is not done alone. Indeed, it is necessary to foresee a work of art-therapy. At home, people color themselves to please themselves. Sometimes, thinking about oneself is essential.

Do people dare to do something with their drawing?

Our basic education gives us a certain limit. It also has to do with what we can include. Some people prefer to color flowers, because they are multicolored. They wouldn't want to do a yellow beach or a black sky. The diversity of coloring books on the market makes it possible to meet everyone's expectations. Coloring comes naturally to everyone. This way, everyone can find what interests them.

If you have chosen to draw a unicorn, you can use any color you want. However, it is always better to be as close to reality as possible and to be as consistent as possible.

Is it necessary to have a coloring ritual?

Not necessarily. However, it is important to be able to draw when you want to. At work, many people draw during a meeting or when making a phone call. Labeling is an intense means of expression. It allows you to destroy in 5 minutes.

And if you like unicorns, drawing a little unicorn head during your work won't stop you from working.

Coloring alone or in a group?

It can be a personal moment as well as a group coloring. Children like to color with their parents because they will get to know and understand them better. Understand the hidden meaning. You can also give people the same color and see how each person has done it. It is a lot of fun to see the differences between each individual. In this way, people can exchange through drawing. The drawing is similar, so we will take the time to listen to each person's feelings.

This coloring is very rewarding for the adult, because it is work that you start and finish. And you don't always finish your projects in everyday life. You have the possibility to show your drawing, make people participate and touch others. Let's take the case of a shy and reserved person who can express himself by showing his coloring. We notice that he has a lot of poetry or a lot of violence in him. Coloring reveals a lot of things.

The era of coloring and doodling is over. Coloring allows adults to take a break from their busy daily lives. And thus relieve them.

The coloring craze affects many people. Great books are being sold on the subject with beautiful covers that make people want to buy them. People can't wait to find out what's in them. On Facebook, for example, many coloring books are shared and commented on in groups dedicated to this art. The prettiest ones are displayed on specific coloring pages.

It all starts in 2012 with the publication of the "100 anti-stress coloring" manual from England. The public takes a pass...


How to draw or color a unicorn: the conclusion

We can see that drawing and coloring a unicorn (or any other animal or object) is ultra beneficial. Especially for stressed or anxious adults who need to refocus on themselves. For this, they can turn to art therapy. Thus, coloring is no longer reserved only for young children, but for adults who need to believe in their inner potential again.


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