16 unicorn gift ideas for best friends

16 unicorn gift ideas for best friends

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Having a best friend is an amazing feeling: someone who always shares your joys, listens to your worries, laughs at you and with you. Someone who loves all the little quirks you have, even if they wear mismatched socks, know the Harry Potter books by heart or dream of having a unicorn in their backyard.

Friendship is simple magic and that's why unicorn gifts with unicorn best friend are suitable for all kinds of people, whether it's best friends who constantly dream of a magical unicorn ride, or best friends who prefer to ride in a car with the new Audi A5. The magic, luck and even business success that unicorns symbolize really work for everyone. 🦄

The magic of the unicorn is ready to be presented to you.

Unicorn Best Friend Unicorn Necklaces

The unicorn necklace works mainly for best friends , and it's even more fun if each friend can wear a necklace that matches the other friend's, as a symbol of a strong friendship 😍 or even brotherhood . . Buying meaningful necklaces, if your best friend likes to wear them, is one of the easiest ways to surprise them. Remember that a necklace is often an eye-catching accessory and can also be the emblem of good fortune . In any case, necklaces can be remarkable symbols of friendship magic.

1) ➡️ This unicorn best friend necklace makes a perfectly finished puzzle when the two friends are joined together. It wonderfully symbolizes that a reunion is full of wholeness and synergy, and that they are made for each other. The adorable unicorn motif adds a touch of magic and style, making this gift ideal for any friend. There is also a small " BFF 😍 " sign next to the unicorn, clearly indicating that this is a true friendship. If you have half blue or half pink, you are lucky to have a best friend that you can make an amazing mystical unicorn duo with.

2) ➡️ If you feel like you have two best friends and want to show how special and important they are to you, here is a set of necklaces for 3, each with a cute unicorn. This way, each of you can choose your favorite color or the one that best suits your outfit. Your friends are always close to your heart, and these unicorns will always be there to protect them. small, inexpensive and so meaningful!

3) ➡️If you prefer a more mature and simple version of unicorn necklaces, here is an absolutely adorable unicorn set to keep your best friend or best sister, and to connect you every day. Sometimes the simple things are the most meaningful and the most beautiful. These unicorns give an incredible sense of connection and mystical excitement for the future. When it comes to jewelry, symbols matter and unicorns, as symbols of magic, hope and luck, are the best symbols of friendship that you can share with your best friends by wearing matching necklaces.

Unicorn themed best friend bracelets

Some people prefer unicorn bracelet to other types of jewelry. Since our hands play such an important role in our daily communication , bracelets are undoubtedly one of the most remarkable and expressive jewelry, and who wouldn't love to see a beautiful unicorn gifted by a best friend?

4) ➡️ These bracelets are eye-catching and eye-catching, with bright colors, playful writing and of course with love and unicorns. They would be perfect for a summer day and would look super cool with any everyday casual outfit. I'm sure your best friend will love it as soon as they see it - it really is the perfect gift for anyone who loves these magical forest horses. Personally, I think it would brighten up a dark day with rainbows and sunshine, and cover the meadows of friendship with colorful flowers - at the very least, it will make your friend smile every time you give them a token!

5) ➡️ If your friend prefers a simpler bracelet, but with courage and a meaningful message, this unicorn bracelet challenges its wearer with a simple question, "Pull or die". It's a wonderful reminder to understand and take on life's challenges, and I would really die for a ride on a unicorn! This challenge makes this bracelet the perfect gift for a brave and unique friend 😍who isn't afraid to face obstacles head on - just believe you can do it all!

6) ➡️ Here's a set of very simple but meaningful unicorn bracelets. Wearing one of these will warm the heart of your friend and remind them of the affection of your friendship: you literally gave them a unicorn! The bracelet itself is quite modest, which may arouse a lot of curiosity about its meaning and history, but you and your friend will know what it symbolizes, and that's all that really matters.

Best Friend Unicorn Key Ring

It's pretty clear that you really are a better friend if you take care of your friends' keys, which helps make them easier to find in the depths of an overflowing purse and more personal to the owner . A unicorn keychain is a practical but also beautiful accessory, and honestly, if you have a unicorn guarding your keys, you can immediately start building a mystical world in which they are magical keys that can open any door. If your friend is a dreamer , he will love it!

7) These best friend key chains have happy unicorns ready to help you open every door! Once you have this unicorn with you, trust me, you can feel the doors opening in front of you, and in front of your best friend 😍 , who will have the twin unicorn. Also don't worry about mixing up your keys: the two unicorns are different colors , but both are the same color.

8) ➡️If you and your friends prefer a sweet and sparkly solution, these magical unicorn keychains can be the most meaningful and fun gift for your best friend or your friends (since you have three of them) in the package). They will look really cute with your keys, or as an accessory on your bag, phone or other items. You may be surprised at the magical change thissmall keychain can make, both in your thoughts and aesthetics.

9) ➡️Since glitter, colors and unicorns really go hand in hand, these keychains would also make wonderful and magical gifts for best friends. Be prepared to catch the attention of passersby and take pride in showing off your spunky and unique side - unicorns have your back, just like your best friends! These keychains come in a 3-pack, so again, they're perfect if you have more than one friend to share the magic with.

10) Matching keychains are often the best way to celebrate a friendship, and this keychain is made for friends who have secrets to share and memories to keep. These unicorns will be there to help keep them safe, and instead of having a sometimes cheesy "best friend," you'll receive a much more mystical "Partners in Crime" message, which only makes sense when the two parties have bonded ... over a crime or a rhyme!

Other unicorn gift ideas by Best Friend

11) ➡️ Most girls never have enough small bags to fill with makeup, jewelry,pens and pencils,odds and ends or "other useful things". With this giveaway, the term "magic stuff" might be more appropriate! Check it out here! The great thing is that you can get themed themes for you and your best friend, allowing you to bond with each other while acknowledging and celebrating your differences. I would love to put all my makeup with glitter and red lipsticks in one of these unicorn makeup bags and gift her another,full of glitter- For my best friend. I think glitter and unicorns would connect us instantly, forever and ever. If you have two best friends, here's a 3-pack of similar makeup bags to share with them.

12) ➡️Hot drinks (tea, coffee and cocoa) are part of our daily lives, and there are never enough cold cups at home. This is especially the case for unicorns and our best friends. These stylish, matching mugs would be a unicorn lover's dream to sip their morning coffee. The magic that fills coffees served in these mugs is immense, and the warm feeling of using a gift from a best friend will make early mornings more meaningful than ever. You and your friend might even find that you become morning people using these mugs!

13) ➡️Sometimes mugs don't even need to match to be meaningful and personal. Legends are important and "legendary friendship" is certainly something to celebrate and be thankful for. This mug says it all: simple design, strong message and the fiercest affection for your best friend! I think I would use this mug endlessly, maybe so much that your whole decoration would pop out!

14) ➡️ In case your friend ends up in glasses, you can also connect over cold drinks. Here's a nice pair of glasses, one for you and one for your bestie! As we mentioned in one of our other posts, unicorns are often described as being closely related to water, mainly because of their power to purify and purify water. This is a very kind and meaningful way to tell your friend that you will take care of her and do your best to relieve her pain. The addition of this roller coaster makes this gift perfect!

15) ➡️Your best friend could also be your boyfriend, and there's nothing cuter in the world than loving couples wearing matching t-shirts. Personally, I think unicorns are a great gift for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit, as well as a wonderful way to symbolize love, trust and good fortune, and so this wonderful set of T- Shirts are perfect for couples starting a future together. Rainbow and Unicorns: for good luck in the relationship, for magic and chemistry between the two of you, and for a mystical mindset for overall success! Well, I'm already completing the order details for these shirts.

16) ➡️If you are shopping for your girlfriend, you might consider some shirts that you can color yourself, as a joint activity. Here is a beautiful unicorn t-shirt set, with colorful markers to personalize them with your partner. Then you can wear them with all the pride of homemade clothing. Creative, unique and a joint activity:unicorn!

Surprising your best friend with a meaningful gift when she least expects it is a great idea . Small gestures can be really touching and beautiful, and giving random gifts "just because" it makes you happy to see your friend smile is a perfect way to express how much you care. I can't think of a better way to make these gifts special than to include unicorns. These spectacular creatures have it all: they're cool and trendy, but also timeless, pure and magical, just like true friends and friendship .

If you've found unicorn gifts for your best friend, share them with us for inspiration!

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