Black Unicorn

Black Unicorn

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Black unicorns are the rarest representatives of their species Equus unicornis. They stand out because of their special appearance. Typical is the silky shiny, deep black coat. Their eyes are deep and wise, their posture proud and dignified. Their horn grows up to half a meter in length and is typical of a unicorn, twisted and tapering. In the tail there are single, colorfully speckled magic hairs – whoever finds them will immediately feel the special magic that emanates from them.

However, only those who believe in them can recognize them as unicorns. Then you have to look north at moonrise and with a lot of luck you will discover a unicorn. In March 2019, such a specimen was sighted once again after a long time and since then it roams an area from Upper Swabia to North Baden. It is said that the person who catches sight of a Black Unicorn will be permanently lucky. In addition to the extremely rare Black Unicorn, there are white Unicorns (gray; certainly the best known), reddish-brown (chestnut), brown and Unicorns in various check varieties.

Important: All information written down here refers to personal experiences with Black Unicorns or Unicorns in general and will be updated regularly! If you have any further information, please contact our unicorn representative.


Black Unicorns are both diurnal and nocturnal. They feel comfortable in herds of 10 or more unicorns (color irrelevant) and should never be kept alone.

Unicorn friendly keeping

Black unicorns need a lot of space (several hectares) to live out their enormous urge to move. A spacious stable must be offered, however, as weather protection, then also all-year outdoor keeping is possible.

Unicorn diet

Black unicorns are herbivores, their basic food is grass and hay. This should be supplemented with a mineral feed suitable for unicorns, possibly unicorn pellets and as an occasional treat carrots and apples.

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