Do unicorns exist? The truth about unicorns

Do unicorns exist? The truth about unicorns

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Whether they existed or not, unicorns are now part of our lives. Whether in legendary movies, coloring books or prehistoric books, this magical creature does not leave us indifferent. In fact, we would like to know more about their history, whether they existed, what they have become, and also their influence on our lives.

If, like many fans, you want to dive into the world of unicorns, you've come to the right place. In this article, you will first discover the truth about the existence of unicorns. In a second step, we will introduce you to the impact of the white horse with the crooked horn on humans. And finally, you will discover where to meet unicorns today and how to pay homage to them.

What you need to know about the existence of unicorns 🦄

est ce que les licornes existent ?

If you think that unicorns are myths and legends, invented by Greek mythology, and present only in Harry Potter, you are still far from reality. In fact, these mythical animals with a horn in the middle of the forehead and usually white hair have really existed.

Yes, the mythical unicorn horse, usually linked to the life of a princess, has earthly origins. According to some books, it even cohabited with man. Contrary to popular belief, one-horned animals survived much longer. According to recent studies, it is estimated that the last unicorn disappeared only 29,000 years ago.. ☠️

It was "elasmotherium sibiricum", commonly known as the "Siberian unicorn". This animal has a rather peculiar morphology and has been the subject of many studies. Several theories have emerged and many of them are repeated.

Can we consider the unicorn animal observed in Siberia as a true unicorn?

est ce que les licornes existent

You may be disappointed to hear this, but the Siberian unicorn did not look like the white horse you have in mind. It had a unicorn horn and hooves, but it was more like a rhinoceros or a buffalo. Other than its central horn, it bore no morphological resemblance to the unicorns found in our board games or on our horseback rides.

The Siberian unicorn was a giant species that could reach 2 meters in height and 6 meters in length. Its weight was phenomenal, around 5 tons. It had a horn in the middle of its forehead that could reach 2 meters in height. Its grayish fur has nothing to do with the mythical animal we know.

What does science say about the existence of unicorns?

Today, legendary creatures such as Pegasus, dragons, dinosaurs, mermaids, unicorns, are of particular interest to scientists. Research is carried out every day in order to trace the history of these fantastic animals, if possible. As far as unicorns are concerned, we now know what they have.

Ancient paleontological studies presented unicorns as prehistoric creatures that existed 350,000 years ago and whose origins date back 2.6 million years. With the advance of technology, a unicorn skull discovered in "Kazakhstan" testifies that this animal would have endured much longer. In fact, the figures fluctuate between 26 and 29 thousand years before this date.

The skull found was that of "Elasmotherium sibiricum" (the Siberian unicorn). Although it had the weight of an elephant and the shape of a rhinoceros, it deserves its name unicorn. This is due to the single horn on its forehead.

If unicorns no longer exist, how did they die? ⚰️

est ce que les licornes existent

If it is impossible to observe unicorns today, it is certainly for a reason. Is it an earthquake? A volcanic eruption? Man and his activities? Perhaps a completely different reason.

According to scientists, man is not responsible for the disappearance of unicorns, at least not the Siberian unicorn. Given the morphology of this animal, researchers explain that it probably died of starvation. In fact, Siberia would have suffered a huge climate change that slowed the growth of grass. The head of this unicorn being heavy and very basic, it could not locate new supply points, which would have led to its death.

Other versions explain instead that it was an intense global warming that would have caused the extinction of this species. In any case, we may no longer have the opportunity to see a real unicorn horse. 😢

Unicorns and humans: what is the connection? 🦄 👴


est ce que les licornes existent

Although unicorns no longer exist today, this legendary creature is still part of our lives. For example, their statues can be seen in museums such as the Cluny Museum (Musée National du Moyen Âge de Paris), and other tourist sites throughout Europe. In addition, this fantastic animal has become one of the most popular emblems used by knights and lords. It can be found in large part in the cinema, in children's games, in merry-go-rounds, etc.

Representations of unicorns in the cinema 📽️

les licornes dans le cinéma

According to movie depictions, a unicorn is a white horse with a horn on its forehead. Generally fabulous, it resembles the life of a princess or royalty. It has a long mane the color of the rainbow. Children love their legendary animals as much as adults. The secret of the unicorn in movies lies in the beauty of this creature. The main reason why people love this legendary animal is because of its unique charm.

The unicorn in children's lives 🧒🏻

Children also wonder about the existence of unicorns. Both boys and girls encounter these mythological creatures in their environment. In fact, many children's games (card games, building games, etc.) refer to this fairy creature. There are also many cartoons that relate unicorns to children's lives. Thus, very young children are seduced by this mythological animal.

🎦 The influence of the unicorn animal in today's movies

my little poney

Unicorns are ubiquitous. They can be found everywhere! On the Internet, on gifts, printed on T-shirts, in theater scenes, and of course in the 7th art. Today's cinema is the ideal place to welcome all kinds of magical creatures. As for the unicorn, it is particularly interesting thanks to the mysteries surrounding it.

When we talk about unicorns in the world of cinema, we generally think of the adventures of Tintin or "my little pony". It is true that to materialize in an almost real way the magical level of this creature, there is nothing better than an illustrative film. However, the question is why so much popularity for a legendary animal? Simply because of the image of this animal in our lives.

In fact, the white horse with the twisted rope is usually associated with certain factors related to our lives. For example, the unicorn is often used in movies as a symbol of purification, peace, royalty or virginity. For example, these symbols can be found in Tracy Chevalier's novel "The Lady with the Unicorn".

Can we encounter unicorns today? 🦄

It has become clear that unicorns have disappeared from our era. However, this fabulous animal continues to survive in our world. How? Through its many guises. In fact, unicorns are everywhere. Whether in a coloring book, on the merry-go-round or in a coloring book, unicorn figures are present. We watch them every day in our favorite movies or series without getting tired of them.

There are also unicorn clothes (unicorn costume, unicorn pajamas, etc.), giant unicorn-shaped stuffed animals that regularly remind us of the existence of this white horse with its twisted horn. With technological advances, it is even possible to find cell phone wallpapers depicting miniatures of this animal.

Unicorn and Art 🎭

Since the end of the Middle Ages, the unicorn has become a sought-after prehistoric figure in works of art. Once upon a time, Roman and Greek authors used this legendary animal as a source of inspiration for medieval bestiaries. Thus, unicorns were associated in many sketches as representatives of religious works.

Today, the unicorn is no longer essentially linked to religious symbolism. It is now associated with purity, the virginity of the young, or the royalty of princesses. Moreover, it is difficult to find artistic representations with a mounted unicorn. In fact, this creature would not correspond to this type of work.

Unicorn coloring 🎨

Unicorns are polite to unicorns every day. However, we are aware that they are unique and rare beings. Due to the special side of these fantastic animals, many innovative companies have invested in popularizing the unicorn horse. For example, they produce coloring materials for printing, coloring pages and modeling clay in the shape of unicorns.

Unicorns as gift ideas 🎁

Today, many new companies have industrialized unicorns. The unique horned animals have thus found their way into the market in various forms. In particular, it is now possible to find unicorn stickers, multicolored short-sleeved T-shirts, unicorn slippers, etc.

These unicorn accessories are all charming and each represents an original gift idea for both children and adults. Thus, you can use their tools as humorous gifts, children's gifts, birthday gifts, etc.

The ideas to please your loved ones are numerous. Simply use your five senses to find the perfect birthday gift for your little girl or boy.

Paying tribute to unicorns: what you can do 😄

Paying tribute to unicorns, you certainly thought. There are many ways to pay homage to unicorns. While some opt for unicorn makeup on special nights, others prefer to print and color unicorns. Whatever you like to do for fun with unicorn miniatures, this activity will entertain you and act as an anti-stress for your body.

Start a complete unicorn operation with unicorn clothing and accessories. ❤️

If you are a fan of one-horned animals, you will surely enjoy discovering this range of unicorn products. In fact, the popularity of this mythological horse has led many entrepreneurs to look into manufacturing and marketing unicorn products.

Thus, it is now possible to dress up, make up or disguise yourself as a unicorn. All you need to do is go to a store or store specializing in the sale of unicorn products. In Spain and throughout Europe, you can visit "" to keep in touch with this fantastic creature.

You will find there, for example, unicorn pajamas at reduced prices; unicorn slippers for girls and boys; T-shirts and many other equally charming accessories.

boutique licorne

The truth about the existence of unicorns: what to remember 🤔

Whether for scientists, religious, pagans, and even for some scholars, unicorns have indeed existed. However, many elements concerning this fabulous being are still disputed. As for the Siberian unicorn, it is the most recent unicorn animal to have existed.

Although we may not have the opportunity to see physical unicorns again, this equine animal will remain with us forever. It can be found as a drawing or coloring in many children's books. If you wish, you can also pay homage to this creature from Greek mythology with unicorn makeup.

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