How to make slime: the best safe recipes

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How to make slime: the best safe recipes

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Slime is considered a viscous paste that is pleasant to handle with our mains🙌. It is usually obtained in a simple way by mixing some chemicals or not. Nowadays, making slime has become an enjoyable entertainment for everyone.

Faire du slime

Whether we are kids, teens or adults, we love to handle this sticky, colorful and lovely paste. Many tutorials on the web explain how to make slime. However, it is difficult to find a well-detailed dough recipe that you can make by yourself.

That's why we thought of writing a tutorial especially for those who like to knead dough. If like us, you like creative hobbies that are easy to make and safe, then you will enjoy discovering our six best homemade slime recipes. Also note that the products we'll be using are mostly ingredients available at home. So you won't have to buy any extra products.

Comment faire du slime ?

🎨 Purpose and course of our tutorial on slime production

Making slime is usually easy when you know how to do it. In this tutorial, the goal is to learn how to make your own doh play doh without the risk of burns. To do this, we have divided this article into 3 main parts.

First, you will briefly discover some slime basics.

Next, we will introduce you to each of our recipes for preparing efficient slime dough.

And finally, we will give you some tips and precautions to keep in mind when you want to preserve your modeling clay.

Note: for each preparation, you will be given the necessary ingredients and the reactions that have taken place.

Comment faire du slime

The origins of slime as a game for children and adolescents

Slime is not new. In fact, slime has been around since 1976. It was mainly made of "guar gum". Since then, this viscous paste has gained in popularity and is now found in various forms (with or without coloring, transparent or not, with or without liquid glue, etc.). Some people customize their mixture to make it even more sticky, multicolored....

Note: In the rest of this tutorial, the most important thing is to follow the preparation steps. If you don't have the ingredients needed for a recipe, you can try to adapt them or just move on to the next recipe.

First preparation 1️⃣ make simple slime (without toxic products).
Although it is safe ☣️ the classic corn and water slim is not the most popular among children.The cause? It is less sticky and offers less elasticity. Therefore, it is recommended to make this slime for younger children who have a fragile palm. ✋

➡️ The necessary ingredients
To make a successful preparation, we will need 110 ml of water; a few drops of food coloring (the choice of color is up to you); and 100 g of corn starch.

➡️ The preparation process.
This type of slime is one of the simplest to make. To do so, start by pouring your chosen food coloring into the bowl of water. Then shake for a few seconds to make the mixture homogeneous.

Then add the cornstarch and stir until you get a sticky paste. Use your hands to perfect the dough and make it as smooth as possible.

✔️ Note on preparation.
As promised, this preparation is complete. In just a few minutes, your princess will be able to play on the playground without risk of irritation or burns. Note that this preparation has a thick texture and takes on the color of the added dye. If you wish, you can make this slime without dyes. In this case, your white slime will take on the color of corn.

Second preparation 2️⃣ make a super viscous slime.

This second recipe will give you a really sticky dough that kids love. Although we will use some chemicals, this recipe is still suitable for children. It is non-toxic and has no negative impact on the nervous system.

➡️ Ingredients needed.
To obtain the same texture as in our example, we advise you to use a few milliliters of polyvinyl alcohol (half a cup); two teaspoons of sodium tetra borate solution (borax); a container (preferably plastic); food coloring (as desired); and a blender.

➡️ The preparation tapes.
Did you prepare the substances to make your slime? If so, that's good! Now start by pouring the alcohol into the bowl and add the food coloring of your choice. Stir for a few moments with the blender to get an even color. Then add the borax to the bowl and stir with your fingers like a real baker. Analyze the texture and play with your dough if it suits you..

 ✔️ Note on the preparation
The alcohol used here is a liquid polymer and therefore consists of long chains of connected molecules. In contact with borax, the two substances form bonds with each other, giving rise to a "sludge block". Although it does not contain any sticky substance, this preparation is viscous and pleasant for children and adolescents. However, do not forget to wash your hands after playing with this paste.


Third preparation 3️⃣ making slime with milk.

It is possible to make slime with milk. How do you do it? Simply by following our preparation steps in the short tutorial below.

➡️ What we will use.
For this natural and cheap recipe, we will need a plastic container to make the mixture, 7 tablespoons of skim milk, a tablespoon of vinegar, a quarter teaspoon of baking soda and a small coffee filter.

➡️ The preparation process.
The preparation process is quite simple and consists of three steps:

First, start by mixing the vinegar and the 7 tablespoons of milk. Stir lightly with a spoon until a heavier consistency is obtained.

Then let the preparation stand for 5 to 10 minutes (this allows the solid masses that have formed to reach the bottom of the container). Then remove the water present with the coffee filter.

Add the baking soda and mix the mixture to make your milk slime. Then use your hands to form the clay you want.

✔️ Note on slime.
When the milk comes in contact with the vinegar, the casein in the milk separates from the other liquid polymers and then clumps together to become a solid body. The addition of baking soda neutralizes the casein and creates a sticky mass, forming your homemade slime preparation. Note that this mixture contains no toxic products and is therefore ideal for pleasing your children.

 Fourth preparation 4️⃣ making slime with shower gel.

You read correctly, for this part, we will learn how to make slime with shower gel. No toxic ingredients, no irritating additives and gluten free.

➡️ Ingredient to use.
For this mixture, we will need a small amount of body wash; food coloring of your choice (a few drops); corn starch (the same amount as the body wash); a mixing bowl and water (about 100 ml).

➡️ Preparation steps.
NB: the amount of ingredients we propose for this part will allow you to obtain a small amount of slime. If you wish to increase the volume of your preparation, you can simply increase the quantity of each element proportionally. Note also that the water present will be used to make the dough stickier. The more you add, the more elastic your preparation becomes.

Add two tablespoons of gel to the mixing bowl (you can increase this later).

Then add a few drops of edible coloring until you get the desired slime color.

Use a spoon to stir the mixture until the texture becomes smoother.

Now add the cornstarch to the mixture and continue to mix the indigents.

Once the mixture starts to resemble ice cream (soft dough), knead it with your hands. You may feel that you have added too much cornstarch, but don't worry. Continue kneading the mixture until it has a heavier consistency.

Finally, add water to make the mixture more elastic. You don't have to limit the amount of water, just add until you reach the texture you want.

✔️ Note on this slurry.
This preparation is certainly one of the most difficult to achieve. However, with a little practice, you will succeed every time.

Fifth preparation 5️⃣ slime with shampoo and corn starch.

Getting a smooth slime without glue paper or toxic solvents is possible with shampoo.

➡️ Materials needed.
For this preparation, we will need:

120 ml of shampoo;

A plastic mixing bowl;

A few drops of dye or some glitter;

300 grams of cornstarch;

100 ml of water.

➡️ Preparation of the slime.
Start by pouring the shampoo into the preparation container. The thicker yours is, the better your preparation will be.

Customize the color of your shampoo prep with your choice of dye or glitter.

Stir the mixture with a spoon before adding all the cornstarch present. Then stir slowly for a while until you get the thin texture you like.

Add water gradually and stir each time to make the dough more elastic. However, a large amount of water will make your slime less pleasant to handle.

✔️ Note on preparation.
Shampoo-based slime is simple and easy to make. You can adapt this recipe with other components without worrying about the result. For example, substitute cornstarch with salt paste or toothpaste. In any case, the preparation will not be toxic. However, it is preferable to avoid ingesting it.

Sixth preparation 6️⃣ natural quicksand silt.

This last recipe, or at least the penultimate one, will allow us to make a mud that will look like quicksand. This creative idea will not contain boric acid or white glue. It will be made mostly from edible products and will therefore be safe for children.

➡️ Ingredients needed.
To make this slurry, we only need a large container, water and corn starch. The amounts we will use for each product will be specified during the preparation stage.

➡️ The preparation.
In the container, mix half a glass of water with a glass of corn flour until you get a solution similar to thick cream of tartar and with the consistency of honey. Note that depending on the amount of product you want, you can increase your ingredients proportionally.

Mix the solution and slowly lower your hand to test the consistency. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can add a little water or flour to the preparation. Stir again and repeat until you get the texture of a quicksand.

✔️ What happened.
The behavior of the slime is influenced by its viscosity. If you gently run your hand through the slime, it will react like a liquid. If you hit it hard or quickly run your fingers through the mixture, it will behave like a solid.

Bonus preparation ✅ make transparent slime without borax.

Still called "liquid glass slime", this type of paste is ideal for both playing and decorating. It is possible to make this mixture with or without borax. For this example, we will not use borate mineral.

✔️ Ingredients to make transparent slime without borax.
For this mixture we will use 100 ml of transparent glue; 30 ml of saline solution; 200 ml of heated water; 2 containers; 60 ml of room temperature water and 6 g of baking soda.

✔️ Preparation steps.
Start by mixing in the first bowl the warm water with the baking soda and stir until the baking soda is completely dissolved. Allow to cool and proceed to the second step.

Pour the clear glue into the second bowl and mix with room temperature water.

Add the saline solution and stir it all together until it becomes a liquid solution, not thick.

Then mix the preparations from both bowls in the larger bowl. Next, you should use your fingers to stir the preparation.

That's all there is to it! You can take your slime out of the bowl and have fun. Remember to wash your hands after use.

Note on preparation
This preparation is quick and easy to make. To avoid burning yourself, it is important to let the hot mixture cool completely. You can also add other elements to your slime such as figurines, beads or colorful sequins to make it more attractive. Also, don't be surprised to see a few bubbles appear when you play. If you want to make them disappear, let your slime rest for a few days.

☑️ How do you preserve your slime after preparation? 💫
As you may already know, a slime can be used many times. However, to make it last for a long time, you must store it in a special way. We suggest two ways to preserve your preparation.

☑️ Use an airtight container.

Air is the enemy of your slimea. To prevent your preparation from drying out, you should keep it in an airtight container that prevents air from entering. It is best to avoid containers that are too large and choose those that have just enough space to contain the slime. If you don't have one, use plastic wrap to cover your slime before putting it in the bowl.

☑️ Use a Ziplock bag.

Ziplock plastic bags have the particularity of rejecting air before being closed. Therefore, you can use this type of packaging to keep your clay away from any source of air. In this way, it will not dry out and can be reused many times.

✔️ Note: Slimes can be stored, but they do not last forever. When you notice traces of mold on your slime or traces of dirt, it is best to discard it to avoid any risk of contamination.

How to make slime at home: conclusion 🏡.
Making your own slime is a fun activity that many people are passionate about. When this paste does not contain toxic products, it is not dangerous for children. However, it is always important to supervise little ones when playing with your slime. This helps you avoid a case of ingestion that can cause gastric damage. 🌈

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