How to make unicorn makeup unique for Halloween?

How to make unicorn makeup unique for Halloween?

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🦄 Unicorn-inspired trends fascinate more and more new people. In fact, this mythical creature has become ubiquitous in the fashion and beauty industry - it's obvious! Depictions of the white horse with the twisted rope are everywhere. If you too are fascinated by this unicorn animal, why not opt for an original unicorn makeup to spend Halloween 🎃.

💘 As you surely know, Halloween traditions don't stop and this year again, you have to make the most of it. Whether it's with friends, family or alone, you need to find the perfect unicorn pajamas to be both stylish and unique. How do you do it? Simply by doing an original unicorn makeover. 💄

🦄 Besides putting you in the spotlight, this unicorn costume has a lot more to offer. First of all, it's a natural makeup that gives you a healthy glow. Plus, you're free to apply any finishes you want. And the icing on the cake, you can do it all yourself without spending a dime.

👻 If you've decided to be a real fairy unicorn at this year's Halloween party, you've come to the right page. In this article, we will show you how to achieve the perfect unicorn makeup step by step. Also, below you will find some tips to make your costume a success from the first try.

Maquillage licorne enfant

Making a perfect unicorn makeup: what are the prerequisites? 🦄

For some people, doing unicorn makeup is easy. With a maquillage💄 kit, they do some basic drawings, put on some nail polish and that's it. However, when you really want the perfect makeup, you don't have to improvise. Think about your accomplishment from the beginning and prepare the tools you'll need.

🎨 About the costume we will detail below, you need to prepare your unicorn makeup range. "Don't worry, you don't have to buy anything." For most of you, you certainly have all the necessary stuff in your makeup case, or almost.

🦄 So that we can talk about the same material in the next steps, here is more or less how are all the products and tools that will help us succeed with our unicorn costume. Keep in mind that you can adapt them according to the finishes you want.

✔️ Unicorn Costume Products
➡️ As for unicorn makeup products, you will need: black mascara, a remover in case of touch-ups, red lipstick 💄 or any other color, eyeshadow, etc. In addition, let's also think about providing a fluid complexion, a makeup remover to clean the decoration after the ceremony, a lipstick, an eyebrow pencil, a color cream, semi-gloss, pressed powder, concealers, etc.

✔️ Tools needed for unicorn makeup
➡️ As for the tools to use, nothing special. They will simply be those that you are accustomed to using for ordinary makeup. In particular, a wooden handle, professional brushes, a simple makeup brush? You can also use your makeup brush kit if you have additional decorative ambitions.

➡️ Note: To be unique, you need to know how to adapt your unicorn makeup to your skin type. Apply the foundation that suits you best to bring out all the colors of your costume. If you don't have any of the materials mentioned above, it doesn't matter. You can buy them or try to adapt them with the ones you have.

Maquillage licorne femme

Make a unicorn makeup step by step from head to toe 🦄.

✅ Finally, the serious stuff happens. In this part, we're going to do a simple unicorn makeover from top to bottom. That is, we're going to start by transforming our head, then our body, and finally our feet. Note, however, that the steps below are not universal. The principle is to identify the essential points and adapt them as you see fit.

Start by having a rainbow hairstyle 💇.
✅ What could be more original than the head of a real unicorn to stand out? Our costume will start with our hair. Note that you can replace this step by placing a unicorn horn on your head. If you want something more authentic, here are the steps to follow.

✅ Before you start, the hair should be dry: for example, use a towel or a hair dryer. Then use brushes to remove the knots from your hair. The goal is to make your hair soft and manageable.

Then divide your hair into small sections of different thicknesses. Each of these sections will receive a different color to enhance your hairstyle.

séchage de cheveux licorne

✅ Now brighten your hair with color. Keep in mind that it's preferable to do your makeup with rainbow colors (purple, blue, etc.). This will make you look more like a unicorn. Remember, the goal is to express your fantasy while remaining beautiful and unique. To do this, you can mix up your hair costume to your liking.

Note: for the use of colors, it is best to choose colors that are easy to remove. You still don't want to have dyed hair all your life.

✅ Are you done coloring your hair? That's good, your unicorn makeup is about to form. The next step is to use the blow dryer to set the coloring and then style your hair in the look you like.

For example, you can do some braids, or you can do a ponytail. Feel free to be creative with your hairstyle.

➡️ Face makeup like a unicorn.
✅ That's right! At this level, you already have a unicorn mane, but your makeup is still far from finished. Now, let's move on to one of the most important steps: facial makeup.

Note: for this step, use your products carefully. Avoid putting them everywhere, and especially protect your eyes. Carefully apply the makeup around your eyes without damaging them.

Maquillage licorne

✅ After the unicorn hair, let's continue with the unicorn makeup with eyelids. As a prerequisite, they must be bare and clean. Using a makeup brush, start by applying some eye shadow. Then, over your eyes, use a soft, even eyeshadow. Note that you can vary the colors as you wish. However, don't overdo it either.

✅ The lash style you want is up to you. For example, you can put on false eyelashes, or you can preserve your natural beauty by applying some black mascara.

As for your eyebrows, start by plucking them. Then, you can also redesign them to look like horns. Don't forget that you can orient your unicorn makeup however you want. In case of a bad line, use a concealer or cleanser to get rid of excess lines.

yeux licorne

✅ At the corner of your eye (right or left), just above your cheekbone, make a small "V" shaped line. Then decorate this line with some color to make it look like a twisted horn. Note that this little design is optional and is a trademark of our unicorn makeup. You can also use a complexion illuminator (highlighter) to make this design even brighter.

In your makeup kit, find an eyeliner and use it to draw little stars around your eyes and also on your cheekbones. You can do as many as you want. However, it is advisable not to overdo it to keep it simple and not too vulgar.

✅ To finish your unicorn makeup, put the finishing touch on your mouth. To do this, outline your lips with a lipstick in the color you like. Note also that nothing prevents you from mixing colors to get the design you are looking for. In case of overflow, blend immediately to avoid swallowing the lipstick.

Lèvre licorne

✅ Well, now your face is beautiful for Halloween. Now you can enhance your unicorn makeup any way you want. Normally, doing your makeup is not that difficult. In fact, with a little imagination, you can create a professional makeup look in no time. It's all about thinking about what you need to draw before you act.


🦄 Complete your unicorn makeup with a unicorn costume or pajamas.
As you surely know, there are unicorn pajamas or unicorn costumes and they are very popular right now. To complete your makeup, you can pair it with a unicorn costume which is usually not very expensive. This way, your camouflage will be as fantastic as the twisted horn horse itself. If you don't have a unicorn kirigumi yet, you can visit "" to buy yours at a low price.

Have you thought about unicorn slippers and other unicorn accessories 👟.
🎁 Unicorn accessories are numerous and usually available at low prices. Always aiming to make you the perfect unicorn, you can also opt for unicorn slippers or a handbag.

Indeed, these accessories have the particularity to emphasize your unicorn makeup and make it more elegant. If you want to know where to find these products, Unicorn Kingdom is the perfect place. In addition to offering unbeatable prices, you are entitled to a wide range of choices.

Organic Halloween makeup to look like a unicorn: think of your children ☣️

Normally, Halloween and a birthday are celebrated with the family. Therefore, your children also deserve to have special costumes. To make them happy, here's how you can dress up your boys and girls.
Halloween unicorn makeup for girls 🎃.
✔️ On Halloween, a girl's favorite costume varies from girl to girl. While the vast majority want to look like a princess, some prefer to make a difference by opting for more original costumes like unicorn makeup.

✔️ If your daughter prefers to dress up as a unicorn, be sure to keep the makeup simple. For example, you can draw a unicorn's horn on her forehead, use an eyelash curler to set her eyes, mask her redness with foundation, etc. Here, the goal is simply to make your daughter in unicorn mode as simple as possible.

Halloween Unicorn Makeup for Kids 👻
✔️ Unlike girls who tend to look like princesses, boys' costumes are simpler. You have a lot of ideas that will make them happy. Young boys are fascinated by their cartoon superheroes. If you've offered them unicorn makeup and they've said "no," consider giving them a waterproof hero costume.

✔️ They'll certainly be happy to avoid cosmetic makeup, make-up and so on. If, on the other hand, they have opted for the mythical one-horned animal, a simple unicorn crown will do the trick. Feel free to visit "" to find all the trendy unicorn accessories at the moment.

Tips for a successful unicorn makeup 👀.

As we said before, just like the unicorn cake, you don't have to improvise your unicorn makeup. Before you start, you need to define your goals. Try to have a clear picture in your head of what you want as a design. 🖼️

🤔 When you go there haphazardly, the result you get is simply not what you want. Either the horn is too big, or the colors are wrong, or they're all over the place. To get your unicorn makeup right the first time, it's even recommended to use an existing image. This way, all you have to do is simply try to reproduce the design you see.

🎨 As for the products to use for makeup, they must be adapted to the skin. In fact, it is preferable to use a palette rather than the makeup you are used to using. If possible, choose moisturizing and nourishing products for your skin.

Also keep your pigmentation in mind so that you can better choose colors that will enhance it. If you are not used to disguising yourself in this way, it would be best to ask a friend for help or call in a professional.

Is unicorn makeup suitable for everyone?

Since the products used to make your costume are the same as those commonly used for makeup, the makeup itself does not present any danger. On the other hand, when you are not used to doing cosmetic makeup, you have to take certain precautions, especially for unicorn makeup for little girls.

For example, you should choose a makeup painting that is compatible with your skin type. For this, contacting a professional for advice is the best solution. Avoid using synthetic products that your body is not used to.

How long can I keep my unicorn makeup on?

Unicorn makeup is not particular about how long it stays on your body. Only the products you use can help you determine how long you can keep your costume on. In fact, each beauty product is optimized to stay on your skin a specific number of times.

You should check the directions on each product you use and use it accordingly. However, most costume products can last a day or two on your face. As for your unicorn makeup, you can leave it on for the entire Halloween celebration.

How to do unicorn makeup? Things to remember 👏

This unicorn makeup tutorial is coming to an end, now you know how to make yourself unique with just your makeup kit. Now you can dispense with the black dresses and pay homage to the horse with the twisted horn at Halloween parties. This decoration is easy to do and requires a small budget.

Also think about dressing up your children, your spouse, and even your friends. Don't forget to complete your makeup with a unicorn pajamas, as well as other accessories such as slippers, a purse or even some figurines to complete your decoration.

If you liked this tutorial on "how to wear unicorn makeup", please feel free to share it with your friends and family. If you missed a point or if you have any additional questions, please feel free to leave us a comment. We will be happy to tell you more about your costume.

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