Origami unicorn is easy to make | Design Secrets

Origami unicorn is easy to make | Design Secrets

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The super cute origami unicorns

Over the years, I've shared a ton of rainbow-inspired children's crafts. 🌈 But lately it seems like unicorns are all the rage. (My little guy loves them and some friends have already thrown magical unicorn and rainbow themed birthday parties. )

So hop on the back of the beautiful unicorn band! 😂 Here's my take on the unicorn back... here's an adorable origami unicorn you can make with all your kids who also love unicorns!

Let's make easy origami unicorns 🦄

✔️ Material needed to fold the origami unicorn heads :

➡️ Origami paper:

Scissors ✂️
Pencils (optional for the cheeks) ✏️

🔻Let's fold some origami unicorns !🔻

Comment faire un licorne en origami ?
Step 1 ➡️ Take a regular size sheet of paper and cut it into 4 equal squares. (I just think the unicorn heads are smaller.) You can do this by folding the paper in half and folding it in half again. Then cut along these lines. The paper I will use from now on will be a quarter the size of regular paper.

Step 2 ➡️ Fold your paper along the diagonal + then open it up.
Origami licorne comment faire
Step 3 ➡️ Bend a dowel until it reaches a crease.
Comment faire un origami licorne ?
Step 4 ➡️ Fold one side like this.
licorne origami
Step 5 ➡️ Fold the other side like this.  (See the triangle? That's the beginning of a glorious horn!).
Comment faire un origami en licorne ?
Step 6 ➡️ Unfold both sides.
Step 7 ➡️ Unfold the fold made in step 3. It should now look like this: (Now you have the ears!)
Comment faire un origami en licorne
Step 8 ➡️ Fold your tip down to the crease made in step 3.  (Now we have the bottom part of the unicorn's face).
Faire une licorne en origamis
Step 9 ➡️ Fold the bottom triangle as follows.
Faire un origami en licorne
Step 10 ➡️ Now fold the triangle down like this-(The horn is now full).
licorne origami comment le faire ?
Step 11 ➡️ Fold the two side corners down like this-(We will make the horse's face narrower).
Final origami licorne
Flip it over.

And this is what it looks like from the front! (Don't forget to use markers and pencils to add magical unicorn details...).
licorne final
It's over! 😄 

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