The history of the unicorn monkey: where does it come from?

The history of the unicorn monkey: where does it come from?

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The unicorn jumpsuit is a very popular style of dress today. Whether we are children or adults, unicorns fascinate us a little more every day. In fact, we love the beauty of this mythical creature and would like it to accompany us everywhere. Today, living with a unicorn monkey has become second nature.

However, one point sometimes escapes us: where do unicorn pajamas come from? How did they become so popular? What impact do their mythological animals have on our lives? So many questions that arouse the desire to discover the history of the unicorn monkey in today's fashion.

Unicorn jumpsuit for everyone! Yes, but where does it come from?

The unicorn or kigurumi combination undoubtedly comes from the land of the rising sun (Japan). Known for their extraordinary creativity, the Japanese are at the origin of most of the latest trends in Western fashion.

The first unicorn pajamas were made by the Japanese company "Kigu". As soon as it went on sale, it was a great success and spread to the 4 corners of the world. The French love it and use it daily for clothing. Today, a unicorn costume for Christmas has become a European tradition. Everyone gives even the smallest.

Once they became popular in Europe, these unicorn costumes have undergone many changes that have greatly embellished them. Now, they come in various types and are available for all sizes. Moreover, this success allowed them to gain popularity. Nowadays, it is the best gift idea for a birthday, a wedding or any other happy event .

Why has the unicorn jumpsuit become ubiquitous in our stores?

There are two main reasons why the market for unicorn jumpsuits is booming. First, this costume is soft and comfortable, it's beautiful, it's available in various colors and it fits all styles . Whether you are male or female, you will certainly find a unicorn jumpsuit for your taste. Secondly, unicorn pajamas represent purity, are a symbol of royalty and generally resemble the life of a princess .

In addition, dressing up as a unicorn makes you a different person. Whether it's for costume parties, having fun or spending a warm winter, the unicorn pajamas will fit you perfectly. It is very comfortable and pleasant to wear. In addition to its ability to convey a good mood, unicorn overalls are cute and generally less expensive.

Wear unicorn pajamas for winter skiing

Another advantage of this sleepwear is that it is "multifunctional". It adapts to all tasks and can even let you ski. Skiing in a unicorn wetsuit is not extraordinary. On the contrary, the comfort of this jogging protects you from the cold. Although it is more suitable as sleepwear or as a costume, unicorn pajamas can also be used for your favorite sports (motorcycling, skiing, etc.).

Wear your unicorn overalls for happy occasions.

Unicorn jumpsuits are not without utility. Whether for a birthday party, a bachelorette party or even a unicorn party with a unicorn jumpsuit , this comfortable garment will come in handy as well as for cat jumpsuit pajamas .

Although the history of the unicorn jumpsuit goes back several years, this costume has remained fashionable. It is available in all colors, for all sizes and for all ages. Whether you want costume pajamas for your baby, girl or boy, you will find joggers to suit them.

Unicorn pajamas are also a real gift idea for your friends. Sometimes you wonder what someone else might be interested in on their birthday. We want to give her a special gift that sets us apart and we don't know which one. If you too have been in this situation before, know that unicorns fascinate everyone.

By offering that costume to a loved one, we have a good chance to make them happy and stand out from the crowd. So why wait? Visit our store and take advantage of our wide range of unicorn costumes.

The history of the unicorn monkey: what to remember

In conclusion, the unicorn jumpsuit is not a fad of the 21st century. This popular attire today has been around for many years. Thanks to the charm of this creature with the big mane, you can now stand out and keep warm on cold days. If you wish, you can make your nights sweeter with this fluffy pajama set - don't worry about the color! You will find something for everyone in our store (purple, pink, baby, size xl, women's, size s, etc).

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