Top 15 mythical and mythological animals

Top 15 mythical and mythological animals

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Extraordinary, supernatural, even extraterrestrial stories arouse the admiration of young and old. In this article, you will discover or rediscover 15 legends of mythical and mythological animals . Most of them are based on completely outlandish facts that nevertheless leave a great deal of mystery and inexplicable. Others come from historical mythologies, such as Japanese myths, passed down by monks whose wisdom is matched only by the consumption of matcha tea... From ancient mythologies that have proven to be beliefs over the centuries, mythical creatures still populate our imagination today, sometimes with delight. Even though we know it is totally wrong and irrational. These are creatures that have their place in many fictions today. Cover up with your most beautiful unicorn bedding set and happy reading. 

Principales animales míticos

From ancient mythologies that have proven to be beliefs over the centuries, mythical creatures still populate our imagination today, sometimes with delight. Even though we know it is totally wrong and irrational. These are creatures that have their place in many fictions today. This helps to keep the myth in connection with religious beliefs or legendary stories. From the Loch Ness Monster to the unicorn to the evil Dragon, focus on the monsters of urban legends and Greek mythology.


Big Foot 

➡️ Big Foot is a species of huge gorilla that would have existed in North America. In Canada, the Big Foot is called Sasquatch. Many individuals have tried to prove its existence because of its droppings or other animal species that have died in specific ways. These individuals have also bet on giant footprints. Unfortunately, no Big Foot carcasses were found or captured.

 Pie Grande

The Yeti 

➡️ The Yeti, nicknamed the abominable snowman, is a cousin of Big Foot. We found his trail in the Himalayan mountains. Like Big Foot, many tracks have been identified. Some people say they saw it, but no one was able to take a picture of it. It would have similarities with the polar bear.


The Loch Ness Monster

➡️ The Loch Ness monster, also called Nessie, is linked to a Scottish legend dating back to 565. The myth returned in 1930 with a "new appearance" of Nessie. Since the 1960s, a research bureau has been analyzing phenomena related to Loch Ness. The monster would be similar to a kind of dinosaur. The legend returned to the first with the appearance of Nessie and an Apple application.

lago ness

The beast of Gevaudan 

➡️ The Beast of Gevaudan is a huge wolf that would have attacked many humans between 1700 and 1767. The beast of Gévaudan would be in fact an alibi to give the possibility to the Count of Morangiès to satisfy his serial killer impulses. If you are passionate about this legend, you can watch the movie Pacts of the wolves.

La bestia de Gevaudan


➡️ Synonymous with purity, the unicorn is a mythical animal. There has never been a horse with a Narwhal horn. The first stories of unicorns date back to the time of ancient Greece called Pegasus . A time when chimeras and griffins existed in the unconscious of individuals. There is also the Chinese unicorn Qilin!


The Kraken

➡️ The big octopus we see in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean did not exist either. Several fishermen, however, explained that they had suffered the attacks of a gigantic beast living in the sea, but scientists realized that the fishermen had mistaken the supposed animal for giant squid. They are very real and can reach 20 meters in length. 


The dahu 

➡️ The dahu is a chamois-like animal that lives in the Swiss and French Alps. Legend has it that this animal only moves on the sides of the saddles, because its left and right legs are not the same size. Evidently it is a legend passed on by the mountain people to make fun of the city people. The idea is to chase the Dahu but never find its trail. 


The chupakabra 


➡️ What we call the "goat sucker" is a creature that would have arisen in South America. It has a morphology that presents red eyes, two nostril holes, a mouth with fangs and black hairs. Its body resembles that of a bat. For other people, it is similar to the Roswell monster. The first traces of this animal date back to the early 1990's. At that time, many goats and cows had been found dead with circular holes at the base of their necks and completely drained of blood! 




El diablo de nueva jersey 

➡️ At the beginning of the 20th century, a monster had a ram's head, a long neck and very long wings. As well as front legs shorter than the hind legs. This one would have appeared in the United States. Legend has it that the New Jersey devil was the thirteenth child of a witch who, at the time of giving birth to her twelfth child, said that if she gave birth again, her puppy would be the devil. The child was eventually born as a human, but would have been transformed after birth. He would then have killed his food before running out the chimney. 


el diablo de nueva jersey

The Roswell Monster 

➡️ He is the world's most popular alien, but he remains a myth. There has never been an autopsy of a man from the far reaches of space. The video released 50 years after the Roswell story was a hoax. 

monstruo de Roswell

The phoenix

➡️ It is a fabulous bird, which appeared 3000 years ago in Egypt. It is related to the cult of the Sun in Greek mythology. It is so noble and sacred that there is only one. According to legend, the phoenix has a lifespan of 500 years, and ensures its offspring by making a nest of aromatic branches and incense in which it will burn to be reborn from its ashes . It evokes the concepts of immortality, resurrection and purity.



➡️ Leviathan is a biblical monster. It appeared in the Old Testament as a multi-headed water monster. It is a hybrid creature. A cross between a dragon, a snake and a fish. It is very famous in the artistic field. We find traces of him in many paintings. It is also very present in literature (Moby Dick, or Leviathan by Paul Auster ...). It occupies a prominent place in the history of the seventh art. ( Atlantis in particular ) and even the world of video games.




➡️ Creature that is a mixture between man and horse, the Centaurs constitute a wild tribe that in Greek mythology signified the reactions of humans when approaching animals . The forces of nature such as the mountain and the forest are personified, in fact there are different centaurs : the centaur, which has the body of a horse with the bust of a man. The bucentaur, with the body of a bull. The onocentaur is crossed with a donkey. Finally, we have the centaur-phytokid, which has a hippocampal body.




➡️ Mermaids are mythical creatures in the form of women. Therefore, they are represented as a mixture of half-woman, half-fish. However, they were, according to Greek mythology , half-woman, half-bird. Then they flew over the sea and with their songs lured sailors to the shores to devour them.

The mermaid-fish will only appear in the early days of the Middle Ages, its current representation is linked to Andersen's fairy tale published in 1837 and to Disney's cartoon.


Animals of Greek mythology 

➡️ In the following lines, the animals of Greek mythology are listed.



Eagle that was called "winged dog of Zeus", who bit the liver of Prometheus. It was by Heracles.
Dog Odysseus who recognized him when he returned from Ithaca and died soon after.
Naiad, nurse of Zeus, represented by a goat. One of her horns was used to make the horn of plenty; Amalthée has been placed among the stars with her two sons.
Name of the immortal horse that Poseidon made emerge from the earth to show his benevolence towards Attica. It is also the same name of the horse born from the union of Demeter and Poseidon. It was the horse of Heracles and then of Adraste.
Snake born from the blood that sprang from the severed head of the gorgon Medusa.
Immortal horse of Achilles, born of the Harpy Podarge and Zephyr. He was bequeathed by Poseidon to Peleus when he married Thetis.
A large hind that was captured by Heracles during his job number 3.
These horses that were immortal were the offspring of Boreas and an Erinye. They were able to blow fire through their nostrils.
Immortal horses born of the Harpy Podargé and Zephyr.
Immortal horses (Lampos and Phaeton) that pulled the chariot of Eos.
Immortal horses born of Boreas and Alopos that were to pull the chariot of the king of Athens Erechteus.
Immortal horses (Actaeon, Asterope, Bronté, Chronos, Eritrea, Ethion, Euos, Lampos, Phlégon, Pyrois) that pulled the chariot of the Sun and various gods.
Immortal horses that pulled the chariot of Poseidon.
Horses bred by Diomedes and ate human flesh. They were tamed by Heracles when he performed his eighth play.
Infallible dog that always managed to catch its prey. Artemis entrusted it to Minos who gave it to Procris.
This lion, which had a skin so tough that neither iron nor bronze could harm it, was the monstrous offspring of Echidna and Typhon according to Apollodorus. And in another version, of Chimera and the dog Orthros, sons of Echidna, according to Hesiod.

However, some authors such as Epimenides of Knossos believe that he was the work of Selene. He was then her son or a creation that was part of the foam of the sea at the request of Hera, who raised him as indicated by Hesiod. Huge lion killed by Herakles during his first birth.

Winged horse
Legendary bird
Horse of the Dioscuri
This fox had been sent by Dionysos because the descendants of Cadmos had been removed from the throne of Thebes to avenge the death of the Sphinx). The animal could never be caught and was devastating the country to the point that the locals would give it a monthly child to make sure it did not catch any more.
Boar that was sent by Artemis to destroy the land of Oenea, king of Calydon. The Calydon boar was hunted by Meleager.
Giant boar that filled with terror the inhabitants of Erymanthe in Arcadia. He was killed by Heracles during his fourth labor.
Son of Typhon and Echidna after Apollodorus, and mother of the boar of Calidon. Killed by Theseus. Also called Phaïa, after the name of the woman who fed him.
Immortal horse of Achilles, born of the Harpy Podargé and Zephyr. Poseidon gave it to Peleus during his marriage to Thetis.

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