Unicorn Gift Idea: The 15 Best Unicorn Gifts

Unicorn Gift Idea: The 15 Best Unicorn Gifts

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Today, the fascinating world of unicorns spares no one. We all succumb to the beauty of this legendary animal 🦄 and would like to share its magical world. Indeed, this magical creature is becoming more and more fashionable and beats the record for the big trend. So whether it's for Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day or any other joyous occasion, giving a unicorn gift is one of the best gestures you can make to a loved one.

Remember, the white unicorn horse is a symbol of peace and shares love wherever he goes. So if you want to find an original gift for your daughter's birthday, or simply to show your affection to any of your loved ones, you have come to the right page. In fact, we have decided to accompany you with a special selection: the 15 best original gift ideas to offer this year.

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Whether it's a wedding gift 👰, a Christmas gift 🎅, a birth gift 👶 or even a Valentine's Day gift 💝, you can get yours at discounted prices in store. Don't hesitate to take a look at our 100% fashionable unicorn collections.

Gift unicorn for girl
(4 years old, 5 years old, 6 years old, 7 years old, 9 years old... 12 years old)

Whatever the occasion, everyone loves to receive a unicorn as a gift, and little girls are no exception. In fact, no matter their age, they love what is soft and luxurious. That's why we offer you her 04 original gift ideas to please any little princess.

#01 - Unicorn plush toy

From 4 to 12 years old, children are past the age of observation and would also like to act. So, thanks to this big blue and pink stuffed animal, your little girl will be able to expand her 👸 princess universe and do many things. Indeed, whether for a birthday or a party of some kind, this plush will appeal to all little girls.

It is composed of a golden crown that further highlights her beauty. In addition, there is a big pink mane and small white wings just like in fairy tales. Moreover, this plush toy stands up on its four legs for a magnificent photo shoot.

If your princess has a passion for cartoons, she'll be happy to have a big plush toy all to herself. Feel free to take a larger size if your daughter is already over 7 years old. After all, the bigger she is, the cooler she is.

#02 - Unicorn night light

The unicorn trend has invited itself to the night lights! Thanks to this unicorn moon-shaped night light, your little one will be very grateful. Indeed, it is a real unicorn gift idea that will relax your princess while she sleeps.

Equipped with a small lamp that will illuminate the nights of your little one, this accessory can also be used as a counselor. Indeed, his closed eyes and his wide smile convey joy and will allow your princess to spend sweet and peaceful nights.

It can be offered for all occasions without exception. In addition, its charming side will make it the favorite unicorn of the person who receives it. Basically, it is the unicorn gift idea that will put a smile on the face of every princess.

#03 - Child pink unicorn jumpsuit

If you succumb to the elegance of these nighttime pajamas, so will your daughter. Unlike other unicorn gifts, it allows your princess to go a step further and become a unicorn herself. This way, your little one can escape into the fantastic world of unicorns while she sleeps.

Thanks to its ultra-comfortable organic cotton construction, this costume will become any little girl's favorite. So if you want to give your daughter a new style to complete her closet, this outfit is a great unicorn gift idea.

In addition, to soothe her princess nights, it will also be a great companion for her costume parties, Halloween or even Christmas.

#04 - Leather backpack 

No one can resist that 3D unicorn bag. For a girl 10 years old or older, this is one of the best gifts she can receive. Not only does it look like a real unicorn, she could take it to school and dazzle her classmates.

If you are looking for something original that is cheaper, luxurious and durable, this rainbow leather unicorn backpack is the best. In addition to its affordable price and medium size, it's made of solid fiber for maximum durability.

Your little one will be able to store all those folders and easily hang them on their back. Best of all, this bag is easy to maintain and keeps its shine for the rest of its life.

Unicorn teen gift for boys and girls

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If you want to find unicorn gift ideas for a teenager, you have to forget the chocolates and make the perfect gift that is sure to please. If you don't know which one, here are 03 original gift ideas for your greater good.

#05 - Unicorn teen view

Christmas gift ideas for teens can be a real headache. Fortunately, with this stylish unicorn watch, you'll seduce any teenage girl. In fact, teenage girls like to stand out and stay stylish.

So, instead of giving her a vulgar gift that she will find on every corner, it is better to give her something that suits her age and her world: a modern unicorn watch that can withstand the years.

This accessory will also come in handy on school days as a reminder of what time it is. It is ideal to give this gift to girls on Christmas Day or Valentine's Day.

#06 - Giant pink unicorn plush toy

Plush toys are reserved for little girls! As for the big ones, this giant plush in pink is the best. If you are looking for a gift that is sure to please a teenager, or if you just want to choose one gift among many, this giant plush toy is the product that will seduce your girl or boy. Yes, contrary to popular belief, boys also love cute and cuddly things.

They will be able to use it as a roommate for sweet and quiet nights. For girls, this teddy bear will become a true friend. They will be able to spend time together in private and tell each other stories. So, if you want to give a gift to a teenager that will make you stand out, this teddy bear is a great idea.

#07 - Girl's unicorn t-shirt

The unicorn poking trend is a real favorite among teenagers in general and girls in particular. That's why t-shirts with the unicorn touch are an excellent gift idea to offer this year. Whether it's your friend, sister, daughter or just someone close to you who is passionate about unicorns, don't be afraid to express your feelings. Give them this trendy t-shirt to show them all your attention.

It's inexpensive and available in various sizes. So no matter the size of the person receiving the gift, you will find a personalized t-shirt that will fit them.

Unicorn gift for woman 

Cadeau licorne femme

Women, big or small, deserve the best. So, if you are looking for an original gift idea for your spouse or a friend, unicorn gifts will be a good deal. In addition to being fashionable, they are elegant and suitable for all occasions. So, to express yourself through the white horse, here are 03 original ideas to offer your mother, grandmother, wife or even daughter.

#08 - Woman watch Unicorn

Made of quality leather and with an inscription of a unicorn in the center, this watch will suit all women. Not only for its color variations, but also for its pure style and stunning charm. Moreover, thanks to its multi-colored horse, it suits all clothing styles and can be worn on all occasions.

If you are the type of person who wants to give unique gifts for special occasions, this watch is the one for you. It is brand new and is sure to seduce any of your loved ones.

#09 - Unicorn crystal ring and pendant set

For women, the beauty of the body is the most important thing. With these crystal unicorn jewelry kits, you enter into their logic. In fact, everyone will adore it for its luxurious side and unicorn fabrication. As for the colors, they are all feminized to please any woman.

If this kit is part of our selection, it is mainly because of its charm and its discount price. In addition, it fits any type of clothing and is suitable for all occasions. So, if you are wondering if this is the perfect gift for a woman, we can honestly say yes! It is the ideal one.

#10 - Pink Unicorn Pendant


Like the previous kit, this pendant is an exceptional unicorn gift idea. Indeed, it is a charming jewelry made of two unicorn heads. Although it is much more optimized for young girls, this jewel will appeal to older girls.

Its pink color and its rounded finishes make it an ally to be beautiful. So, if you want to offer an original gift to a woman of great value to you, why not opt for her earrings? They are resistant, beautiful and suit all ladies.

Unicorn Birthday Gift

Cadeau anniversaire licorne

Birthdays are special, and for this joyous occasion, the presentation of the birthday gift is a must. Usually, everyone wants to give the best to stand out and please the person in question. However, giving gifts for the holidays has never been easy.

We don't know each other's tastes, which leads to an embarrassment of choice. However, did you know that unicorns excite everyone, at least, or almost everyone? If you don't know, by gifting a unicorn to someone close to you, he or she is more likely to appreciate your gift. So, to avoid the long search for an original gift, here are 02 unicorn gifts to give to a friend.

#11 - Flying unicorn toy

When you are looking for gifts for a birthday, you are quickly seduced by the charm of this flying toy. Made up of a unicorn in dazzling colors, this little toy for children is undoubtedly the accessory that will make it stand out from the crowd.

Your little girl or boy can use it in the garden to make it fly. Best of all, these gadgets are not battery operated. They work thanks to a rotation system that allows them to reach the air.


#12 - Unicorn audio helmet

Listening to music is great, but have you ever done it with unicorn headphones? If you haven't, it's a new phenomenon called "the singing unicorn." With this high-tech party favor, you'll put a smile back on any teenager's face. In fact, in addition to its charming appearance on the head, it is equipped with quality speakers for great sound capacity.

So if you want to give people the best on their birthday, start with these cheap headphones. Best of all, it can be used as a gift for men or women. Kids can also use them if they are old enough to listen to music.

Unicorn Christmas gift

Cadeaux licorne nöel

A kawaii unicorn gift, unusual or not, is always a good idea to celebrate Christmas. So if you want to offer gifts to your loved ones for this holiday season, we suggest you discover our list of gifts to offer for sure.

#13 - Woman unicorn slipper

For Christmas, offering a personalized gift can be a good idea. However, there are also universal gifts that will please everyone. For example, this pink unicorn slipper for women, what's so special about them? They make you feel good and convey the magic of the white horse wherever they go.

If you want to personalize a gift for your spouse and you don't have time to do it, this slipper is the best alternative. For home, it is ideal to protect from the cold and spend a warm winter.

#14 - Kawaii Unicorn Clock

For young girls, finding the perfect gift for Christmas is even more difficult as they have rare preferences. However, there is one feminine accessory that all girls agree on: a kawaii unicorn watch. Known for its mesmerizing aesthetics, this watch suits everyone and fits every wrist.

What's more, its sturdy leather strap allows it to accommodate all arm sizes and its matching colors make it an essential accessory for looking good. Its central unicorn gives it a sexy side and its rose gold dial dazzles the eyes.

If you're looking for gift ideas to please a teenager for Christmas, this trendy watch is what you need.

#15 Stainless steel unicorn bottle

Are we talking more and more about ecology? And the unicorn is getting involved, always at the forefront, that's where it belongs. You will have understood, the stainless steel bottle with unicorn drawings is ultra modern and above all takes care of your health, because it does not contain chemicals.

The stainless steel bottle also protects nature, where the unicorn kingdom lives. Plastic extends to her living environment and she decided to act. The stainless steel bottle keeps your drink cold or hot for hours. You can put ice cubes or boil your drink in it, there is no incident to the taste. After pajamas, backpack, slippers,

Finding an original unicorn gift idea: what to consider

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In conclusion, do you want to find a gift for a friend? Give an original gift to your spouse? offer a small gift to your child? or please your relatives? The best way to do it is to opt for unicorn gifts. Indeed, unicorn accessories have three attractive advantages: firstly, they are sold at small prices; secondly, it is easy to make all kinds of gifts; and thirdly, the satisfaction of the person who will receive the perfect gift is guaranteed.

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