Unicorn party with a unicorn monkey: the secret

Unicorn party with a unicorn monkey: the secret

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A successful slumber party is not always easy when it is poorly prepared. In fact, this moment of atmosphere between girlfriends sometimes goes wrong when it's not well thought out beforehand. If you're looking forward to having a unicorn monkey costume party to meet your longtime friends, there are a few questions worth considering.

Have you thought about the costume to stand out? Will it be a night with a unicorn monkey, panda costume or others? Did you put everything together to make this moment amazing? Do you know where to find your unicorn monkey to be unique? If you are not sure of your organizational skills, let us give you some tips to organize a 100% successful unicorn slumber party.

Preliminaries for organizing a unicorn party with a unicorn monkey

As with all festive and joyful events, costume nights are being prepared. If you still live with a family, the first thing to do is to inform the other members about what you want to do. Get parental consent and choose the room that will host the event.

For a unicorn sleepover with friends, choose a large piece. Indeed, these moments are sometimes fun and full of atmosphere. Therefore, small rooms may prevent some people from thriving.

If your room can accommodate all your guests, remember to tidy up so that the welcome is warm. Since this is a costume party, your friends can bring some velvet jumpsuits. To make them more comfortable, consider airing out your room for more air .

Tell your friends what to wear that day

Depending on who is organizing, costume parties can be more specific. Sometimes the type of costume is specified. If you want a purely unicorn monkey night, consider telling your friends ahead of time. This is necessary so they know where to buy their unicorn pajamas so they will be ready on the due date.

If you wish, you can advise them to bring short-sleeved, long-sleeved or sleeveless pajama outfits. You can require a color (pink, rainbow, purple, blue ...), a type (cozy, with or without zipper ...) and even a size (small or large).

In short, it all depends on you and the style of party you want to organize. Be as specific as possible to avoid misunderstandings. Also think about the weather and all the little interesting details.

Prepare some snacks and drinks for the costume party.

However, you won't spend all night looking at each of your friends' unicorn costumes. You need to eat something to pass the time. For this, remember to budget for this purpose. If you wish, you can ask your friends to contribute. This is normal! When you want to have fun all night, you have to stick your hand in your pocket.

Look for classic recipes for everyone to enjoy. If you want, you can bake a unicorn cake. Note that you can find the recipe for this cake by visiting our blog .

An essential point to organize a unicorn party with a unicorn monkey is the drink. You can take the preferences of each of your guests and act accordingly. However, be careful with the amount of alcohol you should plan: do not overdo it!

What if there was music?

Dancing with friends makes you fall in love! This allows you to have fun and boost your mood. Warm clothes and good music will only enhance the evening. Prepare the music to play ahead of time. If possible, find out what your friends like best. So your night in a unicorn jumpsuit will suit everyone .

Take advantage of this moment to give as a gift to your friends

Now that your costume party already has the right foundation, how can you make it memorable for your guests? How do you thank your friends for attending? If you've thought about it, what could be better than giving them an original gift idea as if it were a birthday party?

If your friends are as passionate about unicorns as you are, a unicorn accessory is what you should get. Think, for example, of unicorn slippers or a unicorn straw bag to make them happy.

Organize a unicorn party with a unicorn jumpsuit: what to remember

In conclusion, organizing a unicorn party is getting ready. Think about everything from the beginning and inform your guests of any changes you plan. If you want all your friends to bring their unicorn onesie, you need to be clear in your invitation. Don't hesitate to follow their advice if you have trouble deciding something. It will be beneficial for everyone.

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