Unicorns and Rainbows

Unicorns and Rainbows

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Since the 70’s, the unicorn has had a revival and it continues to this day. But the unicorn and the rainbow have one thing in common: perfection. In particular, the soft and soothing vision of a rainbow appears in various places. From nurseries to retirement homes. But new meanings have been attributed to it for some time, just like to the unicorn.


The unicorn is a legendary creature whose existence cannot be confirmed, just like dragons, fairies and other magical beings. And this, even if some people claim to have seen a mermaid. So far, these creatures are only seen in cartoons like Sleeping Beauty, Snow Queen, Snow White and other successful feature films that children love. In most of these movies, a knight tries to save a princess from a magical creature.


Unlike the unicorn, the rainbow is a very visible phenomenon so far. Children also love it and that’s why it is represented on many children’s accessories, especially for a birthday party. This is mainly due to the beauty of the colors of the rainbow.


A wonderful world

Separately, these two elements have their meanings, but when they are combined, it is a whole different matter. There is an expression that goes well with it: “All is well in the best of all worlds”. It is a world full of life and color in which nothing can go wrong. This means that the person has got a new job, a new house, is entering into a new relationship, in short, something positive. In this case, we imagine a meadow of wild flowers when we hear “rainbow unicorn”. If you use this expression, it means that everything is going well in your life.

Dark humor

This expression is also used in a sarcastic way and usually it is about a good opportunity that turned sour. In this case, unicorn-rainbow is black humor because it highlights how unpleasant a situation is. In this way, the expression contrasts the best possible situation and this helps to relieve negative emotions. Thus, this situation will be lighter and will pass more easily.

On the other hand, “unicorn-rainbow” can also be used to open the eyes of a person who always looks through rose-colored glasses. It helps to point out that the real world is flawed and this naivety only feeds into an idealistic world that does not exist. However, this expression is often used sarcastically, because everyone knows that even in a pleasant situation, their magic bubble is not real.
Unicorns making rainbows

Some memes depict a unicorn throwing up rainbows as it flies away. By the way, toys can also make them as colorful candies and all these new concepts were born not so long ago. They bring a new touch of humor with unicorn toys that can even fart rainbows. They are magical creatures, but when paired with disgusting everyday actions, it can be fun.


Both became famous separately in the late 70s. It wasn’t until the early 2000s that their success began to merge through several events like the original My Little Ponies and Toys series. There were a few secondary characters in this toy line. They all had similar features: unicorn horns or rainbow colored designs.

The new MLP series featured those two characteristics. But it included other main characters, and currently, MLP fans include many adults.

Characters like Lady Raincorn from Adventure Time. She is a secondary character in a popular children’s series.

But there are also several expressions that connect unicorns, butterfly wings and rainbows. They appeared in literature and television in the 1980s. However, the expression we use today only became common in the mid-2000s. The unicorn and the rainbow are represented through only one creature: a unicorn in rainbow colors.

The accessories that connect the three then became very successful, along with the expression. These include T-shirts that feature unicorns and rainbows. But in most cases, they can have deeper meanings. They can vary depending on the associations that use them, because even the LGBT community uses it. Indeed, the rainbow-unicorn is their ultimate symbol.


Unicorns and rainbows are also omnipresent at children’s birthday parties. They can be found in various games and toys, but also in decorative elements and accessories like confetti, helium balloons, hats, cups, stickers and other party items. But there are also plates, sequins that represent the unicorn or the rainbow. However, you can also offer a unicorn costume for one of your children’s birthday.

Apart from decorations, there are also gifts that represent unicorns that you can give to children. This can be a cuddly toy or puzzle plushies or a Rainbow pillow. Creative hobbies are not left out, because you can also get a free coloring book. Of course, little boys have a preference for Ninja Turtles, Batman, Power rangers, Iron man and other Avengers. But for girls, Winnie the Pooh and especially the unicorn and rainbow are almost unanimous. Moreover, adults who like unicorns can also buy card games. For Halloween, you can even offer you an adult costume in the shape of unicorn.

Why are rainbow unicorns so beautiful?

Everyone knows them and everyone loves them, rainbow unicorns. For a long time they are absolutely trendy and products which have something to do with them are sold out almost instantly. For example, printed clothing or mugs. But why are rainbow unicorns so beautiful? The following text deals with this topic.

What exactly is a rainbow unicorn?

First of all, a little introduction. As the name suggests, it is the mystical mythical creature unicorn, a horse with a horn on its forehead, which carries the colors of the rainbow in horn, tail. So simply a unicorn with rainbow included. However, where and how exactly the color is represented is always different. For example, there may also be a rainbow unicorn with a completely pink mane, the color of which is a trademark of unicorn lovers anyway.

The idea behind this was to give the unicorn, which until then was usually depicted in white, and which was already very
Rainbow Unicorn
fascinating, still a beautiful feature to miss. And since rainbows are also an intangible phenomenon in their color and shape, a good combination was possible. Over time, this became more and more popular and the animal began to be marketed.

Since then, the rainbow unicorn is not only popular among children, no, every age group seems to have a thing for the mystical creature. It looks good on all sorts of things, for example on clothes for young and old, on the morning unicorn cup of coffee, or on the postcard to your girlfriend. Meanwhile, there are even shampoos or chocolates that bear the rainbow unicorn on the packaging. In many beds, the mythical creature has also established itself as a cuddly toy. When products like these newly appear in any stores, this is often announced in a big way and the rush for it is hard to believe. But many simply feel connected to rainbow unicorns, which is why they insist on having as many related things in their possession as possible.

For a birthday a unicorn rainbow cake?

Whether for a birthday or another important celebration, the unicorn in rainbow colors also looks good on a cake. This spreads good mood and will delight with the bright colors. If a beautiful cake is provided, the foundation for a party is laid, and a rainbow unicorn can basically change everything for the better.

There seems to be no end to the trend and no one has a problem with it. Some also think it’s crazy that the mythical creature has gained so much popularity, but that doesn’t stop enthusiasts from dying their hair in all the colors of the rainbow, or even writing songs about it. A good example of such a song is “pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows”, which became a real hit. It also describes a series of Youtube videos, which include this very song and different animations. Many of them, of course, show a cute unicorn happily jumping or dancing on a rainbow.

Rainbow unicorns stand for freedom, self-realization and rebellion. They stand for another world where everyone can escape to if they want to and they show that ‘being special’ is great. Everyone should find themselves and realize their dream. This is a big motto in today’s world and is capitalized everywhere, which is why the rainbow unicorn has integrated more than well into people’s minds.

So their beauty lies in the fact that they express something magical, surreal and wonderful. At the same time, they inspire with their bright colors and general charisma, making a statement in today’s modernity. These mythical creatures have been taken up in a series, for example, in the “My little Pony” series, which thrills children worldwide. The characters represent the elemental characteristic of rainbow unicorns: Uniqueness.

The beautiful world of the rainbow unicorn

At the end of the rainbow unicorn is supposedly buried treasure guarded by goblins. This mystical story is ancient and remains one of the most persistent prejudices. Nobody has found the treasure yet. But what if at the end of the rainbow there is no treasure at all, but a unicorn? Who knows? After all, anything is possible! In this text you can find out what rainbow unicorns are all about. In addition, it is worthwhile to stop by and discover the many articles and experience the wonderful world of unicorns.

Rainbow Unicorn – What colors are inside?

Different stories tell equally different legends and fairy tales. This gives rise to prejudices and clichés that are not necessarily true. One of them is that unicorns are rainbow colored. But is that actually true?

Well, nobody can answer that exactly. Because no one has ever actually seen a real unicorn. And everyone who has seen one is declared crazy. So it’s not that simple. There remains then probably only the imagination and the possibility of those who have already seen a real unicorn to have blind faith.

There, however, the opinions are also far apart. Some may claim that unicorns are iridescent white. Others say they change color in the course of life. But there are supposedly also legendary rainbow unicorns. But what is it about them?

What are legendary rainbow unicorns?

The so-called rainbow unicorn has its very own history. A long long time ago, even before the creation of the world, around the time when Adam and Eve walked the earth, the Rainbow Unicorn was also in the Garden of Eden. It does not appear in the classic story from the church because it was hiding. As a silent observer, the Rainbow Unicorn followed all the events here and in the afterlife.

Because as a sacred figure it has the possibility to switch between different worlds. Another reason why no one has actually seen the unicorn. You only ever catch a glimpse and before you know it, it’s gone. Many dismiss this as daydreaming or a trick of the brain, but let me tell you, your eyes are not deceiving you! It’s full of unicorn glitter and shimmers in the most fabulous rainbow colors.

It has always been there and it will always be there. Above the heads, in the heads, before during and after time. It is its blessing and curse at the same time, forever watching over those who believe in it and uphold the stories.

Is there a direct connection between unicorns and rainbows?

Some people claim that rainbows are the souls of unicorns. There is no real evidence to the contrary. So why should it be wrong? In any case, there is a direct connection because, after all, unicorns also shimmer in rainbow colors if you look closely. And especially if you know the story of the magical rainbow unicorn, then there is no doubt about a connection. Whether it’s goblins guarding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or unicorns, it really doesn’t matter. Doesn’t it?

So what else is there to wait for? Quickly wait for the next rain and then for the sun and then it can already go on the hunt for the pot of gold.

What you should know about Rainbow Unicorns

Unicorns are generally very peaceful animals. Especially the magical rainbow unicorn, the first of its time, is very shy and therefore very very rare to see. However, the unicorn has meaning. When you see it, it means that it has specifically chosen you. Maybe you are going through a difficult time, or you need motivation, or just a push in the right direction. When it shows up, it’s definitely a sign that everything is going to get better. Because not many people get the honor of actually meeting it. So it’s best to always keep your eyes open and not let your head hang down so much. After every low comes a high again!

Are rainbow unicorns real?

There are many legends and stories, among others about the rainbow unicorns. But are they really real? It doesn’t really matter. Because everyone who sees them either thinks he is wrong, or is one of the few who is lucky to have seen one at all. But basically, this is a decision that is up to everyone.

It remains a mystical theme

Rainbows and unicorns. Bad luck and brimstone, thick and dull. There are some phrases, sentences and terms that just belong together and no one knows exactly why or wherefore. But especially with unicorns, it’s the allure of the unknown and the mystical that makes the subject so interesting in the first place, isn’t it? So why not just sit back and enjoy that just not everything can be explained exactly, but just lean back, be and enjoy the moment.

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