Girls Unicorn Backpack

Unicorn backpack, a multifunctional accessory for you and your kids.
We'll say it again and again, kids love the unicorn, and so do we. Whether in clothes, in the form of a slipper, in pajamas.... This fantastic creature dazzles the eyes and makes us special. This school year, the trend has turned to the unicorn backpack.

As charming as it is cozy, this other accessory of the mythical animal is becoming the best backpack for young and old. From kindergarten to middle school to elementary school, unicorn backpacks are with us year-round.

They are resistant, lightweight, adapt to your daughter's morphology and are available in various sizes. On this page, you will find everything you need for you and your children.

From the girl backpack, to the unicorn backpack 3d, through all kinds of bags of various colors and chic, we present you the contents of our collection of cheap unicorn backpacks.

A unicorn backpack? Yes, but which one?
To tell the truth, all unicorn backpacks will please any child. However, depending on their gender, age or preferences, it is wise to choose the most suitable bag.

Plush Unicorn Backpack
Practical, multifunctional and inexpensive, it is a true companion for children and adults. Equipped with many internal pockets, it can be used as a computer or supplies holder. Thanks to its zipper or zipper, it ensures the complete safety of your equipment.

If it is so practical for adults, children will also find their happiness. Indeed, it is comfortable and available in several colors (rainbow, blue, white, pink...). If you like the unicorn, this bag will surely please you.

Unicorn leather bag
The models of skins are almost unlimited. Whether for your little girl in kindergarten or for your little one who is a little taller, this bag will please her. With colored unicorn fur, it is available in 2d and 3d. Depending on the age of your child, simply choose a suitable size and you're done.

Little girl unicorn backpack (for kindergarten).
Little unicorn backpacks are the most loved by kindergarten kids. In kawaii, unicorn cat, or birthday versions, they are the pride of little girls and stand out for their ease of maintenance.

If your little princess loves the snow queen, she will be happy to carry this unicorn accessory everywhere with her.

Unicorn Backpack for Girls
For boys, superhero bags are the most pampered, but for ladies, what's chic and charming is preferable. As you can see, everything in our store is reserved for unicorn fans. Visit our collection and choose what you like.