Unicorn Hooded Blanket

Cheap and fashionable unicorn fabrics, spend winter evenings in the warmth of your home.
With the cold winter, becoming a warm little unicorn is certainly the choice of many. Fortunately, this is possible thanks to the unicorn blanket. Shaped like a blanket similar to a cape, this accessory is ideal for you and your children in the winter. Not only does it offer maximum comfort, but it also prevents cold drafts from reaching their soft skin.

Lightweight, practical and comfortable, it will replace your nighttime blanket. Whether you want to lie on your couch, in bed, or even on the terrace, a unicorn blanket is the accessory you won't want to part with.

It usually has a unicorn puddle, or the morphology of a white horse (tail, mane, horn, ear, etc.). As you know, the presence of a unicorn brings you happiness, purity and protection.

Whether for yourself, your child or your spouse, you will find the unicorn blanket you need. In fact, we have delicately selected each of our products to satisfy you. Take advantage of yours at a discounted price and transform your winter evenings.

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Unicorn fans know that, to get the best at the best price, uni-corn is the perfect place. With us, you don't just get unicorn rugs, you get rugs that fit you. Whether you want a tartan with sleeves, a sleeveless tartan, a baby unicorn tartan, a tartan with or without a hood, a baby girl unicorn tartan.... They will fit you!

You know better than anyone how important it is to be well covered on cold nights. Therefore, offering a plaid blanket to a loved one would be an excellent gift idea for the holidays. Think about your children's birthdays too! Everyone will love a unicorn blanket that looks just like them: cute and kawaii.

If you like to watch TV shows at night, a unicorn blanket will be your beloved companion. Add unicorn pajamas to complete your look. To be complete, also think unicorn slippers and slippers. Overnight excess, it's true! Except when it comes to accessories as charming as the unicorn.

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