Unicorn Night Light

A unicorn night light in your room or your children's room, have you thought about that?
What's better than being rocked by the light of a unicorn at night? Whether in your room or your child's room, this magical accessory will light up your nights and transport your dreams to wonderland.

As the name suggests, this is no ordinary lamp as you know it. No, this is a unicorn-shaped night light that runs on "AAA" batteries or mains power. Designed primarily to take away your fear of the dark with the light it emits, some models can also play baby lullabies.

As always, you have the possibility to find what suits you in our kingdom. In fact, we don't just sell unicorn night lights, but the best ones available. Whether you want unicorn LEDs, pink, blue and white night lights... you'll be served.

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Whether you want a unicorn rechargeable night light, one in a ball, with USB output, for children, singing, or even in the shape of a moon, you will surely be satisfied. Besides, we also have more kawaii models such as pink unicorn night light, big one, white one, baby one, etc.

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Sturdy, stylish and energy efficient Unicorn night lights.
If your child is afraid of the dark and you have opted for a battery or mains powered night light, you have made the right choice. In fact, our models are quite resistant and ecologically designed. Therefore, our lamps are able to beautify your room and positively transform each of your nights.

You can also choose models with timer function, such as stop button, singer.... If your child likes soft things, the plush lamps are the ones to choose. Think also of the little moon-shaped unicorn night light: it is a favorite and you will certainly like it.