Unicorn Shop

What is Cute Unicorn and what does it sell ?


Cute Unicorn is a Unicorn store! You will find on this online store Unicorn Clothes, Unicorn Accessories, Unicorn Decorations, Unicorn Objects, etc…, especially made for unicorn fans (whether you are a little girl or an adult).

Thanks to Cute Unicorn enter a world full of unicorns and rainbows and have a choice in terms of unicorn products, good deals, professional quality in each department of your favorite online store!

Unicorn Clothing

Our unicorn clothing collection is composed of : Unicorn T-shirt (with or without sleeves), Unicorn Jacket / Sweater / Hoodie, Unicorn Pajamas / Jumpsuit, Unicorn Legging, Unicorn Cap and pairs of Unicorn Socks. Whether you’re into pink sequinned clothes or more discreet designs, our collection of unicorn clothes for women has everything you need!

Embrace the fashionable unicorn style.

Unicorn Plush

How can we not talk about Cute Unicorn without talking about unicorn plush!

Our unicorn plush collection is the most loved collection by our unicorns for its kawaii appearance and the feel of its super soft fur when hugged.

Many use it as a decoration or as a comforter for babies.

This plush toy is perfect for falling asleep peacefully in a fairy world no matter what our age!

Unicorn Accessory

Discover the Unicorn Accessory collection, essential to be a unicorn. There are summer accessories like the Unicorn Buoys, accessories to celebrate with the Unicorn Head Claws or the timeless accessories which are: Unicorn Cups, Unicorn Brushes, Unicorn Earphones, Unicorn External Batteries or the Unicorn Night Masks

Unicorn Decoration

Thanks to the Unicorn Decoration collection Organize a Unicorn Birthday for your daughter with the Unicorn paper napkins, Unicorn disposable cup, Unicorn tablecloth decoration, Unicorn ball, Unicorn cake decoration, Unicorn Ephemeral Tattoo or create a unicorn atmosphere with a nice decoration thanks to our collections: Unicorn Canvas, Unicorn Duvet Cover and Unicorn Lamp.

Advantages of the Cute Unicorn Shop

We can’t end this presentation without talking about the advantages of Cute Unicorn ? To start with: Free Shipping, indeed we offer you the delivery now that Cute Unicorn has celebrated its 2 years!Then of course, the choice of unicorn products in abundance in each section !

The choice is important at Cute Unicorn and we strive to have a wide range of unicorn products with the most colors, size, functionality at the best price and with the best quality possible.You can enjoy high end models for a better performance and comfort as well as cheap unicorn items.If you have any question, please feel free to contact us by mail, we will answer you as soon as possible and with pleasure.

Lili the Unicorn